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What you wear inside and outside of your van is not only about your comfort; your safety should be one of the utmost important factors when choosing footwear for your van life. Depending on the kinds of terrain you’ll be on, certain footwear will always prove more safe than others.  Being outside and walking on rough terrain can prove very difficult for you if you come equipped with the wrong footwear. It’s very important that you not only have the right footwear available to you, but you also know when and where to use it. Even when inside your van there are certain products that you may want to consider having with you just in case.


7) Rain Shoe Covers

When you’re going out into the wild, you need to be prepared for anything to happen. This of course, includes the likely chance of rainfall! No matter where you might end up on your journey through your van life, chances are you’ll be in an area that’s expected to have a massive downpour of rain sometime. Getting yourself a pair of shoe covers that protect your feet from getting wet can really save you from discomfort, but also from unhealthy afflictions that can arise from poor foot protection! 


6) Snow Shoes

Snowfall can prove to be not only a difficult obstacle to navigate while driving, but also a dangerous one to face while walking outside! If you aren’t careful and don’t take the proper precautions, you might find yourself in a slippery situation! Getting yourself a pair of well fitting snowshoes is a good investment, if you have the money and storage space for them. These particular snow shoes by Chinook are lightweight but heavy duty! They’re well made to withstand some tough conditions and will keep you safe as you walk the snowy slopes! 


5) Walk Traction Ice Cleat

Going for a walk in the cold snowy weather can be a good experience. Seeing the sights of the snow covered trees and beautiful morning sun glistening off the ice on the ground is well worth waking up early for! But, if you plan on going outside for a walk in the cold icy weather, you should pack a pair of Ice Cleats! These cleats attach to the bottom of your shoes and will help to keep you from slipping and falling on the ground when walking over snow and ice. Be careful though, these will not make you immune to a slip, they are only able to HELP prevent one from occurring! 


4) Hiking Boots

Never underestimate the need for a good pair of hiking boots! When trekking up steep inclines and going for long hikes, you’ll most certainly need shoes that can provide support for your posture and keep you from injuring your ankle! Salomon’s Hiking Boots are a great brand for hiking boots. Take the time to connect with nature, but do it safely! These boots not only look stylish and cool, but also give you the protection you need against the elements! 


3) Walking Sandals

When you decide to go out for a day at the beach or a walk in a hot climate area, you should be prepared to do a lot of walking! Don’t settle for flimsy sandals that will constantly fall off your feet and leave you hopping back to your van! Get a good pair of sandals that will be sure to stay tight, give you support and keep your feet cool in the hot weather. Wearing too tight or too hot shoes in the heat can cause some uncomfortable conditions, so be prepared and wear something appropriate for the weather! These sandals look great and are pretty cheap too! 


2) Water Sports Shoes

Playing sports or being active in any bodies of water can be a really fun way to spend your summer during your van life! However, just because your feet are in the water doesn’t mean you should wear shoes! That’s why the VIFUUR Water Shoes were made. These shoes come in so many cool styles that you should have no problem finding a pair that fit your look! Going into the waters barefoot is dangerous! You can’t see where you’re stepping, so if you don’t have any protection on your feet it’s possible for you to either slip, cut your foot on a sharp rock or piece of glass or even step on some more dangerous sea creatures! There are a variety of reasons to wear water shoes, which everyone SHOULD be wearing in the ocean, lakes or flowing rivers! 


1) Running Shoes

While it should be an obvious piece of equipment, you should never settle on an ill fitting pair of running shoes! You put many different factors of your health at risk if you don’t wear proper fitting shoes during any kind of strenuous activity! The Under Armour Running Shoes are perfect for the sports man or woman looking to stay in shape or go and enjoy nature in a fast paced run through the trails! You should be mindful of where you run with these on, but on solid ground they will help alleviate any pains that may arise from running with the wrong shoes. They come in so many different styles and sizes that there is sure to be one to fit your wants and needs! 


Wrapping it up…

As we finish our list here of the best footwear to have for your van life, it’s very important that you know exactly where you’ll be going and what kind of footwear you’ll need for that environment. Obviously, in much hotter climates you will not want to be wearing heavy hiking boots that are meant for snowy environments. Of course, the same goes for the inverse situation where you will not want to be wearing sandals while on a hike up a snowy mountain!  It may seem like a simple step to take when planning a trip, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important ones you can take to ensure your safety!


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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