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 When we talk about Van life, it’s almost expected that most people will spend a lot of time in or around wooded areas. In your Van you a lot of times will store all kinds of different foods and objects that may attract certain wild animals to your campsite. No matter where you stay there will always be some kinds of animals that want to get into your food stash! That’s why today we’re going to take a look at some items that will help you prevent animals from getting in tear food and how to keep them away from your storage!


6) Rodent Sheriff 

  When you’re out on the road making sobs near woods, then you’ll most likely need protection from the smaller wildlife around the area. Road and sheriff is a great spray that will keep mice and smaller rodents at insects such as ants from getting into crevices in your Van. If you know that there is a spot that they are likely to come in from you can spray that area on the outside of her Van or use a smaller amount inside. This spray will help to propel the insects and rodents from using that entryway to get into your Van and subsequently into your food supply. It’s always handy to have this kind of spray with you at all times. You’ll never know when you’re going to need to keep rodents and ants out of a small hole or opening that you suddenly find in your Van.


5) IMustGarden Deer Repellent 

 While deers are majestic and beautiful animals to see out in the wild, they can wreak havoc on any plants you may have outside of your Van. Whether it be for cosmetics or maybe you’re growing sometime of gardening, deer can sometimes be the worst kind of pests to have around your Van area. That’s why it’s important to carry around some deer repellent that can safely keep the deer away from your camp area. This deer repellent does not harm the environment, it does not harm the deer and has no long lasting effects on the area. It’s a great way to keep deer temporarily away from your camp area while keeping your food that you’re growing outside safe from being eaten at night.


4) Bear and Wildlife Repellent

Keeping your campsite safe from wildlife is one of the most important things you can do now only for the safety and well being of yourself and family, but for the protection of your food supplies and property! If you aren’t taking precautions in an area that is known to have bears and other invasive creatures, then you’re putting everything at risk! Bears aren’t the only thing that the ultrasonic animal repellent is used to ward off. It also works to keep away wolves, foxes, skunks and even bats! Virtually anything that can cause harm or damage to your van or property can be dissuaded from coming even remotely near wherever this device is set up! It has a rechargeable battery and can be reused and placed pretty much anywhere. If you plan on taking your van near wooded areas that are teeming with wildlife, you should definitely pack one of these along with you! 


3) Solar Powered Animal Repeller

There are more options online for animal repellents than just one! This particular repeller can keep racoons, stray cats, birds and skunks away from your van area. It’s completely solar powered and doesn’t require much in the ways of maintenance from you. It fits right into the minimalist lifestyle of van life as it is lightweight, easy to take with you and set up again in other places and requires no additional energy input to function. While it will work to keep away the smaller types of animals, it won’t prove as effective versus the larger animals. So it’s good to keep that in mind when making your purchase of animal repellents. 


2) Bear Spray

Going out into the wild is a pretty expected part of living a van life. If you want to park your van near a wooded area in the summertime, you need to have ways to keep the dangerous animals of the forest away from your van site! While it may be really cool to see bears out in the wild as you hike across some trails, if you aren’t taking the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe, then you are needlessly putting yourself in grave danger! A can of SABRE Bear Repellent is designed to be used in the unlikely event of a bear attack. This doesn’t mean you’re invincible from bears, of course, but what it does mean is that it will give you a chance to run away and flee the area of the bear for a short time that it affects the bear. This can of bear spray can spray up to 35 feet in a cone shaped mist. You’ll need to wash your hands after using it, but it will be worth it to keep you safe. Even if you need to use this, it’s better to have it with you at all times when in or around a wooded area! 


1) Bear Bell

This bear bell is a very cheap and very effective way to keep any chances of an encounter that you may have had with a bear to a minimum. This bell is used to alert wild animals ahead of you on the trail that you are coming, giving them ample time to leave the area before they even spot you. This means that you’ll see less wildlife around you as you hike, but it also means that the larger and more dangerous animals will be more likely to leave you alone. It also comes with a storage bag that has a magnet in it that will keep the bell silent for when you don’t want any noise. 


Wrapping it up…

  Keeping your food safe while it’s in storage is a  Monumentally important task!  If you don’t take the proper precautions when storing your food, you can put not only yourself but other people in the area at risk. This is not just about bear attacks, there are other smaller  Animals that can wreak just as much havoc on not only your property and food supply but Can also cause a physical harm risk to yourself and others. Keep all of your food then may attract wild animals in safe places and stored correctly!  There are Many products that can help you accomplish this goal as we’ve outlined in the list above.


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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