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 Quite possibly one of the biggest issues you may encounter during your van life is poor roads and poor signals when trying to find your way to the next destination. In today’s age there are so many different tools that you can use to navigate the roads and pathways as you travel across whatever lands it is that you’re living your best van life in. Getting lost can become a huge problem for you if you are in need of more gas for your generators or your van is in rough shape or in need of repairs!  You don’t have to be a local and know the area like the back of your hand to be able to make it to the destinations that you’re aiming for. Today we’re going to go over some of the best navigational tools that you can use to get from Point A to Point B the fastest and most efficient ways possible!


6) Hikity Android Single Din Car Stereo 7 Inch Flip Out Touch Screen Radio Supports FM Bluetooth WiFi GPS

If you’re willing to put the extra work into setting this device up, then the Hikity Android Flip Out screen is a perfect way to navigate the roads! This device can be set up to do virtually any task that a normal factory installed touch screen can do and more! This device comes with the ability to sync up with your smartphone device and perform a number of functions such as music, backup camera, audio directions and making calls. It’s a bit on the pricey side and requires a good amount of knowledge and prep to set up, but if you’re willing to do the work then it can really pay off! This device can make any road trip so much easier!  


5) Garmin Edge 520 Plus Gps Cycling/Bike

If you plan on going for a bike ride or maybe even a brisk walk down some unknown roads, then it may be a good idea to prepare for the chance that you might have no cell phone signal. If you’re new to an area, having an offline GPS device to help you find your way back to your van or to immediate shelter in case of a storm can be a life saver! The Garmin Edge 520 Plus will provide you with that safety, giving you access to a preloaded map of the area and allowing you to plan out your route back to a safe trail. It doesn’t have to be your primary way of navigating, but it should definitely be considered for emergencies! 


4) Garmin Drive 61 USA+CAN

The Garmin Drive 61 will be able to give you directions all while being completely offline. There is a model that can use your smartphone, but this particular one comes preloaded with map data of the United States and Canada. It will give instructions to the driver through voice prompts as you go about your drive. It also can pair with an optional backup camera, allowing you to use this screen to see behind your van when you’re shifting into reverse! It’s a very versatile tool that doesn’t just have to be used in emergencies. This GPS will make a great primary navigation device for all your van life travel needs! 


3) GPS Navigation for Car 

This GPS touch screen device comes loaded up with the most current 2020 maps that don’t require you to have a steady internet connection to use. This is most helpful in areas where you smart phone can’t connect to any kind of GPS apps and you need to rely on the tools that you have on hand. This GPS can mount easily onto your vans dashboard and will even charge when plugged into your 12v cigarette lighter! Overall, it’s the perfect tool for navigating long trips across the country and a great secondary tool if your primary navigation device fails. 


2) Garmin Tactix Charlie Premium GPS Watch

You might initially look at this watch and think it’s nothing more than a glorified smart watch. This watch, however, takes on a very important role that most watches and smart devices can’t do! These watches come preloaded with a topographical map in full color that you can use to navigate any area you may be in. If you get lost in the woods, this watch is able to get you back to safety using its preloaded maps that can show you exactly where you are! The Battery life on this is also impressive, lasting up to 15 days! This watch also monitors your physical activities and helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. On top of all that, it’s made of durable and reliable materials that guarantee that this watch will almost never see wear! The price may be a bit expensive, but if you decide to splurge for this item, you could quite possibly never have to worry about being lost ever again! 


1) National Geographic Road Atlas

Having a digital map is fine and good for everyday travels, but in an emergency when you have no access to the internet or your GPS fails, then you need to have a backup method of figuring out where to go! That’s where a hand held map is still handy to have with you at all times! It may not be your primary method of getting around new areas, but it can certainly be a useful tool in a pinch! Not only that, but it’s pretty fun to look at possible paths to take for your upcoming adventures! This road map has been made into a spiral notebook and is neatly put together to be easy to read and find the right paths for you to take using clear markings. You won’t have to worry about a giant folding map that may be outdated, as this booklet has all the current roads put together for this year in the US. 

Wrapping it up…

The items that we’ve listed will definitely come in handy if you choose to use them. We highly recommend that you at least pick up some of them to be fully equipped with not only a primary device of navigation, but a secondary one as well. You don’t want to be lost in the middle of nowhere when your primary navigational device stops working, breaks, or is lost!  Take the extra precaution and always have a way to navigate the roads via a backup device!


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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