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 When you’re living your best van life, there will undoubtedly be times that you want to share what you’re doing or what you’ve seen with your friends and family. Your phone camera isn’t always going to cut it. There are so many different situations that you’ll need a camera for that a phone camera won’t really capture quite as well. Today we’re going to talk about some of the most unique and important cameras that you can bring with you to get the perfect shot but the area that you’re in!


6) Underwater Camera

When you set out on your van life adventure, chances are you;ll find yourself in a multitude of different environments! If you plan on going into some bodies of water, then it may be a good idea to bring along a waterproof camera that can be used underwater! Getting good pictures of everything you’ve seen and done on your trip can be made just that much easier if you invest in the right camera. That’s why the Uggkin Water Proof camera is a great choice for anyone who wants to take some stunning photos of underwater life! While you may not need this everyday, if you are someone who loves the van life and is traveling along every shoreline, then having a camera like this handy can be such an amazing tool for getting the perfect shot! 


5) AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera 

Getting some pictures and video while on a bike ride doesn’t need to be a challenge. You don’t need to risk losing or breaking your phone trying to get a picture of something as you race down the trail at a brisk speed! The AKASO Brave Helmet Camera can be placed securely on your helmet of choice and used to capture that perfect moment every time! This camera comes with anti shaking video control, meaning all your videos won’t look distorted and bouncy all the way down the trail. It also can sync up with your phone and share video over wifi. It’s the perfect way to share your adventure with your friends from wherever you are! 


4) Abithid Camera Tripod DSLR Stand Phone Holder

While more of a camera accessory, the Abithid Camera Tripod is a tool that can make all your pictures one hundred times easier to get right! This camera stand can support normal iphones and android devices, as well as more high grade DSLR cameras! The stand is adjustable and sturdy, meaning you can set up your camera of choice in virtually any position you want and get the best shot every time! You can even set up timelapse shots using this stand if you’re willing to leave your camera out overnight or over a period of time. Getting that perfect shot is such a breeze with this tripod! 


3) APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P

While you may not always be able to get the best shots with handheld cameras, sometimes having a dashboard camera can be more than just preventing fault in the event of an accident. The APEMAN Dash Cam is a great way to have a running video as you drive down some beautiful roads and record all the crazy things that can happen to you as you go! The camera records in 1080p, which is a very high quality for a dashboard camera! It comes with motion detection and night recording modes so you can always capture anythingthat;s happening outside the front of your van! Whether it’s for safety or for gorgeous views, the dash cam is a great way to get some extra photos from your long trip! 


2) Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope

This is another accessory to your existing camera, but it’s one that is so handy and neat that it needs to be shared! This optical scope can be fixated onto your phone’s camera and used to take some incredible photos of wildlife and wilderness! This magnifying glass allows your camera to take photos with a 10x, 50x and even a 100x zoom function! It’s also collapsible, meaning it can be stored and taken with you wherever you go, so you can set up the perfect shot on the fly! It’s a relatively cheap cost, and can be used with most smartphones. It also comes with a small tripod stand that helps to keep your smartphone camera in the correct spot. The scope is waterproof, meaning it won’t be ruined by taking it into the rain. 


1) Canon EOS 2000D Rebel T7

If you plan on taking some really high quality photos, then it may be a smart idea to invest in a really nice camera. If you take some time to learn about all the features a  DSLR camera can provide to you, then the Canon EOS 2000D camera kit can be just the thing that will push your photos to the next level! This camera is capable of so many different feats, including colored lens, enhanced lens with interchangeable parts and several different settings to play around with. If you spend enough time with it, you could start producing photos of such immense quality that you will never want to go back to a normal phone camera again! 


Wrapping it up…

When it comes to cameras it isn’t always about which camera has the best quality. Some cameras are better off for underwater shots, high angle shots and even fast motion shots!  Whatever kind of environment you’ll be in, it’s important that you have access to a camera to save and record all of the memories you make while you’re out living your best Van life. It’s also important to make sure that you have the batteries that you’ll need to power these cameras! Some of these cameras are best paired with the computer that you can download the pictures on to after you’re done, so make sure you’re prepared to pull out your laptop and save these photos in some hard drive dedicated just for your memories!


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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