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RVs come in three different classifications, A, B, and C. Class A is the largest, B is the smallest, and C is middle-sized. Even though class B RVs are the smallest of the drivable RVs ban can come in different lengths whilst still being small enough to fit in a standard parking space.

If you are looking to travel on the road and don’t want to have to hitch a caravan onto the back of your car then you should think about getting an RV. The thought of having to maneuver twisty, narrow roads in a 25-foot RV can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A class B RV can typically fit two to six people which still gives you some of the space that a Class A RV would give you but much more flexibility with roads you can go on and parking spaces.

A class B RV also has enough space for all the essentials that you need for your trip or even your day-to-day life. Most class B RVs come with stoves, microwaves, sinks, refrigerators, beds, bathrooms, and TVs that have been designed to be compact and utilize as much space as possible.

They are also more fuel-efficient as they are smaller, more aerodynamic, and can get more mileage out of them without having to refuel the tank as often, thus saving you more money in the future. Also, you don’t have to live in the RV if you don’t want to, instead, you can simply use it as a second family car with passengers riding safely in the cabin as the seats are specifically designed with safety features.

However, not all class B RVs have these attributes so it’s good to check beforehand.

If you feel that your class B RV does not have enough space, then you can tow an extra caravan behind you which gives you much more flexibility with space and storage but can make you less mobile with which areas you can navigate.

Class B RVs typically have 2-wheel drive but getting one that has 4-wheel drive will give you the ability to go off-road with confidence which is perfect for those who want to travel to rural places. You can also drive better in harsh conditions with a 4-wheel drive RV as well and the body is higher up than a 2-wheel drive RV which lets you drive over rocks and tall grass without harming the body.

Having a class B RV with 4-wheel drive opens more opportunities of where you can reach in the world and why would you want to limit the places that you can explore?

5 Best Class B RVs With 4 Wheel Drive

Coachman Galleria 24A

Winnebago Revel

Exterior & Specifications

The RV is powered by a lithium battery and has an exterior length of 24 feet and three inches, and a height of 9 feet and six inches and is built on a 3500 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform with a turbo-diesel engine and 4 wheel drive. The chassis has a seven-speed automatic transmission, electronic stability program, blind-spot monitoring/lane assist sensor, and a collision avoidance indicator.

Additionally, there is a 5000-lb hitch on the back of the RV that you can use to attach a car or caravan onto, and a backup camera sits beside it, giving you a great field of view of where you are reversing.

It has a water tank that can hold up to 22 gallons and a freshwater tank that can hold 30 gallons which lets you stay on the road for longer without having to stop somewhere in town. It has an impressive fuel capacity of 24 gallons which will also let you go a fair distance without having to stop anywhere to top up.

The awning-style windows along the sides are tinted which looks modern and sleek whilst maintaining privacy from those looking in. There is a motorized awning that stretches out from on top of the RV which has small LED lights lining the far end of it which work great for nights around the campfire.


The Coachman Galleria may not be able to comfortably sleep more than two people at a time but don’t let this put you off because it leaves more space for a generous kitchen and a refined couch. It has two twin beds with adjustable lift mechanisms. There are cabinets above the beds with plenty of storage space for you to store whatever you need, and the cabinets have curved doors that keep your belongings secure.

There is also a small light at the top that shines down into the storage space when you open it, so you don’t have to get your torch out as you search around for what you need.

There are other features that make your sleeping experience more comfortable such as malleable reading lights by the bed, USB charging ports, and blinds on the windows that you can easily pull down to block the sunlight and give you privacy. A TV is mounted to the wall at the end of the bed that can be moved around so you can watch it from all angles within the RV.

There is a heating duct underneath the beds that makes the beds nice and warm to get you through those cold nights in the wilderness.

There is a transparent screen as well as a blind that you can pull down so that you can lie in bed and enjoy the view without being bothered by mosquitoes or floating debris such as sand or dirt, which saves you from having to shut the back doors and separate yourself from the beautiful nature that you have traveled so far to see.

In the galley, there is a refrigerator, pull-out freezer, electric stove, microwave, sink, and plenty of cabinet and pantry space with everything you could need in a kitchen at arm’s reach. The Coachman Galleria 24A has a feature called a shower Mizer which recirculates the water, so you are not wasting any of it. The Mizer turns from blue to gray to let you know when the water is ready to be used.

If you are looking to do some work on the go then you will be pleased to know that there is a desk area behind the driver’s seat with direct viewing of a second TV and access to the controls of the RV such as tank levels, air-con, and light controls.


  • Lots of storage space – there are plenty of cabinet, pantry, and under bed storage space
  • Backup camera – lets you see what is behind you as you reverse which prevents accidents
  • Many kitchen appliances – compared to other class B RVs, it offers more ways to cook
  • Heating duct below beds – warms the beds up from below


  • Harder to maneuver – this RV is on the longer end of the scale for a class B RV and this can make it tricky for beginners to maneuver

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

Exterior & Specifications

The Winnebago Revel is another class B RV that was built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, it also has a 3-liter turbo diesel engine and 4-wheel drive. It has an exterior length of 19 and a half feet and a height of 9 foot 10 inches. This RV is built with outdoorsy people in mind and has the features and equipment to show for it.

Like a lot of sprinters, the Winnebago Revel has a hitch that can tow up to 5000-pounds and has a 500-pound maximum vertical tongue weight.

The RV has a seven-speed automatic transmission and ABS brakes on every wheel which stops your vehicle from skidding which is a great advantage when you are navigating tricky off-road tracks. The fuel tank has a capacity of 24.5 gallons and the water tank can carry 21 gallons which let you travel for a few days without having to top up.


Practicality is what the Winnebago Revel primarily focuses on, dirt brought in by boots and equipment is not as evident due to the color palette of the interior and all surfaces are made to be wiped down easily. This RV is small and nimble which leads to less room inside, but it can still sleep two people comfortably. The bed is 6 foot and 5-inches long and 4 feet wide which is about the size of a small double.

There are charging ports and reading lamps next to the bed as well as a window you can open to let a small breeze in.

There are not a lot of cabinets around the bed area, but this makes the space open and breathable. A feature that this RV has that sets it apart from others is the whole center section of the bed being electrically lifted toward the ceiling which creates a space for gear and equipment and can be accessed by opening the rear doors or from the inside.

The galley is compact, minimalistic, and conserves space in clever little ways by having features such as a foldaway faucet and a 16-by-13-inch countertop extension that can also be folded away.

The stainless steel sink has a glass cover which lets you use it as a countertop when you are not using it. Unlike the bigger class B RVs, the Winnebago Revel only has one cooking appliance which is an electric single-burner induction cooktop.

A refrigerator freezer and three kitchen drawers are fitted underneath the cooktop which has space for kitchen necessities as well as a single overhead cabinet that has a push-button lock as with all cabinets in the RV.

There is room for three or four people to sit in the living space but works best when there are just two of you as it mostly comprises of a dinette seat with two seat belts and the driver’s seat that can be spun around. A folding table that sits in the middle can be used for working or meals, and the control panels for the RV are placed on the wall in the living area for easy access.

Interestingly, this RV does not have any TVs or any TV connections that you could use to plug your own one in.

In the bathroom, there is a pop-up exhaust in the ceiling that draws air up and ejects moisture and odors through the roof. This feature works great for drying gear and a removable closet bar in the bathroom that can be used to hang up clothes or storage.


  • Nimble – it is a compact RV and drives well off-road
  • Easy clean up – the material in the interior is easy to wipe down and the floor is made of tough vinyl which is resistant to scuffs and stains
  • Rising storage mechanism – the storage in the middle of the beds can rise toward the ceiling to create more space for storage
  • Pop-up exhaust – gives you the ability to dry gear in the bathroom


  • Limited cooking appliances – it only has a one-burner induction cooktop which only lets you heat one pot at a time
  • Not a lot of seating – this RV should only be used for one or two people as there is not a lot of space
  • No TVs or TV connections – to stream media, you have to use a smart device

Sportsmobile Classic

Exterior & Specifications

The Sportsmobile Classic is a very heavy-duty-looking RV and looks right home rambling through the wilderness. It’s not as homely as other class B RVs because of its small living space but it is perfect for weekend rural camping trips.

The chassis that this class B RV is built on is a 2020 Ford Cutaway with a fiberglass shell that is steel-reinforced and has an integrated pop-top roof. The length of the RV is 19.25 feet long and including the pop-top roof measures 7.8 feet high.

It can tow twice as much as the average class B RV at 10000 pounds and has a high level of clearance and a drive train that can reach the rockiest of roads in 4-wheel drive. The engine has a fuel capacity of 7.3litres and has a 4-speed automatic transmission. The water tank can hold up to 20 gallons of water.

There are impressive external accessories on this class B RV that have numerous functions. On the main door of the fan, when it is opened and facing outwards it has a cabinet set attached to it that folds out to create different surface sizes that you can use to put your portable cookers for when you want to cook outside.

The whole cabinet can be removed easily if you feel you need more space inside or need to use the cabinet to transport something outside.

There is another storage box on the back of the RV that is much bigger and very sturdy which could be used to store bigger cooking appliances or outdoor gear. Additionally, there is an external shower that can be accessed from the back of the car.


With the pop-top roof opened, you can stand up straight in the RV but when it is closed you can park in parking garages and such, but you have to bend over as you move around inside of it, and when it is lowered, provides an extra double bed which works well at night.

As soon as you open the sliding door to the RV, you are welcomed by two front seats that can swivel around. Opposite the chairs is a two-seater sofa with three seatbelts that can be folded out to be a double bed which has the kitchen area beside it that consists of an electric refrigerator with a small freezer compartment, that can both have their sizes customized before purchasing the RV.

There is also a microwave, pantry, sink, and storage for the porta potti that can be easily slid out when needed.

There is also storage next to the bed that has plenty of space for clothes and gear, and they have sliding doors for utilizing space, as well as this, there is an L track that runs along the side of the ceiling next to the bed that you can use to hang backpacks on. There is also ample storage under the bed that can be accessed via drawers in the front or by opening the rear doors.

The windows that wrap around the bed all have blinds with two different functions, one to create a bit of privacy but still lets some sun in, and the other is much darker and blocks out the majority of light and provides full privacy.

There is no stovetop, but you can put a portable cooker on the countertop and use it there with the pop-top roof extended with the windows open that allow for plenty of ventilation if you don’t want to cook outside. Several outlets are placed inside and outside of the RV that lets you add a coffee pot or charge devices.


  • Pop-top roof – provides an extra bed when it is lowered and has good ventilation when it is extended and offers more headroom
  • External surfaces – surfaces on the outside of the RV are very useful for camping or fishing trips and need to have easy access to outdoor equipment


  • Small living space – this is not a good option if you are wanting to stay in an RV long term or live in because it does not have a lot of space
  • Limited appliances – does not have a bathroom or a stovetop

Airstream Interstate 24X

Airstream Interstate 24X

Exterior & Specifications

This RV is a good option for those who want adventure with a touch of luxury. There is a sturdy roof rack on top of the RV along with solar panels that are common on class B RVs that provide 400 watts of solar power. It is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 chassis It measures 24.5 feet long and 9 feet 9-inches high and is powered by a three-liter turbodiesel engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

It has 24X air suspension, all-terrain dual rear tires with a protective coating, and a protective coating on its body that helps to prevent the bumpers and side moldings from any scratches or scrapes that can happen off-road.

The hitch on the back of the RV can tow up to 5000 pounds and you can raise and lower the rear of the van to compensate for heavy loads.

There is a table mount outside of the main door that gives you the option of standing outside and using the table to cook or to work outside in the sunshine. The water tank can hold up to 24 gallons of water which will give you the freedom to go where you want without worrying about being close enough to stop in town to top up the tank.


The interior space does not follow the same pattern as others on this list, it has a rear flex lounge that can seat up to six people around two benches that have seatbelts and can be converted into a super-queen bed at night. You can get flexible with this interior as you can also change it into two individual twin beds or into a combination of a smaller bed with shorter benches.

This is great as it works for your own needs and can also make the required space and angles for awkward gear such as bikes or fishing rods that may not fit otherwise. There are many fixtures and mounts on the walls that can also be used for storage as well as the L-track on the floor that keeps equipment in place.

The driver’s seat and the passenger seat are both adjustable and can rotate 180 degrees, and a mount for a small table sits behind the driver’s seat which can be used as a working space or for eating meals. There is a lot of storage space along the side of the RV with adjustable shelves, there are also cubbies with netting in front that can stretch to fit whatever you want.

Along with storage and outlets being dotted about efficiently in the interior, there are also LED lights that light up those darker areas so that you don’t need to get your torch out as you search for what you need.

The kitchen has a dual burner stove and a deep sink as well as a long countertop that gives you plenty of space to prepare meals. There is a microwave overtop and a refrigerator freezer on the opposite side.

The bathroom has all the essentials including a toilet, sink, and shower, and a retractable clothesline that can be used for hanging wet clothes.


  • Flexible living area – you can make the benches into one bed, two twin beds, or one big bed
  • Storage for equipment – there’s lots of space and mounts that you can use for awkwardly shaped gear
  • Dual rear wheels – provides more stability when towing and distributes weight more evenly
  • Protective coating on wheels and body – is resistant to scrapes and scuffs that can happen when off-roading


  • Not very homely – this RV focuses more on storage and practicality than it does aesthetics

Storyteller Overland Beast MODE

Storyteller Overland Beast MODE

Exterior & Specifications

This RV is built on the Mercedes 4×4 chassis, is powered by a three-liter turbo diesel engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission system, and measures 21 feet long and 10.3 feet high. It also has a powerful battery that can be recharged when the engine is on high idle which shuts off once the battery has been sufficiently charged.

This gives you the exciting opportunity to go off-grid for up to seven days just by using the battery.

On the back of the RV, there is a hitch that can two 5000 pounds and a rack that you can attach gear or bikes to. It has a roof rack and a side-mount ladder so you can move things to and from the rack with ease.

The RV performs well off-road with the combination of improved suspension with Fox shocks and an onboard air compressor that inflates and deflates the tires.


There is thermal and sound insulation that goes all around the RV which prevents you from being woken up by the many noises of nature. Like most class B RVs, the driver’s seat and the passenger seat can swivel around for stationary mode that faces the rest of the living area.

In this living area, there is a seat with seatbelts that can fit two people and can be converted into a bed. The main bed at the back of the RV can be folded up in the daytime to create a work area.
The kitchen has a two-burner induction stovetop, microwave, and refrigerator freezer that can be accessible from the inside and outside.

There is also a sink with a faucet that folds flat and has a cabinet that can be accessed from the outside via the sliding door. You can use the induction cooktop outside as well by using the flip-down table and outlet.

Some cabinets line the circumference of the ceiling with secure latches and carpet interior lining that prevents belongings from scraping and rattling during transport. There are also screens that you can pull across the opening of the door which lets you enjoy the fresh air without letting bugs in.

The bathroom area consists of a porta-potty and a rack where you can hang a curtain when you shower but don’t let the fact that it’s not very fabulous put you off because it is very practical and will provide everything you need. The shower is a HALO shower system that gives you great surface area coverage but also gives you good quality water without the use of chemicals.


  • Powerful battery – can last up to seven days off-grid and can be recharged by the engine
  • Thermal and sound insulation – you can sleep more peacefully at night in noisy environments
  • Fox shock suspension – better off-roading ability, makes for a smoother ride


  • Exposed bathroom – there is no designated bathroom and instead is in the middle of the living area which does not provide much privacy

Buyers Guide


When you are looking to buy a class B RV with 4-wheel drive, make sure to ask yourself why you are getting one and what you want out of the experience.

If you are someone who likes to go skiing or mountain climbing and are just looking for a vehicle to get you from A to B that can carry all of your belongings securely then you can get an RV like the Airstream Interstate 24X because it has all the space you need for your gear and equipment.

If you are looking for an RV to take trips in, stay in for extended periods, and value something that feels more like a home where you can cook with a selection of appliances, then you can achieve that feeling by going with an RV with slightly less storage but more seating and galley space like the Coachman Galleria 24A which is like a little house on wheels where you can travel in comfort.

Another aspect of storage that you should think about is the capacity of the water tanks. If you have a lot of distance to cover and you don’t want to have to stop frequently then get an RV with a water tank that can hold at least 25 gallons which will keep you on the road for longer.


All of the RVs on this list have 4-wheel drive but that does not necessarily mean that they can handle the same terrain. If you plan on traveling over difficult terrain, then make sure the RV you get has good suspension and all-terrain tires.

Some RVs have a protective coating on the tires and the body which is important for preventing damage to your nice new prized possession, as well as this, some RVs sit lower to the ground than others which makes them less suitable for harsh roads as the body can get damaged, so go for RVs which sit a few inches higher and you will be able to go to places you didn’t think were possible without a few scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal To Walk Around In A Moving RV?

This is a very important piece of information to know before you set off in your new RV. The answer is that you can sit inside a Class A, B, or C RV as long as it has seatbelts, and you are buckled into a seatbelt at all times.

If anyone in the RV needs to use the facilities such as the bathroom or galley then the driver must pull over at a rest stop or parking lot until they can stand up and move around. It is also illegal for anyone to be sleeping on a bed if the RV is in motion as it can be extremely dangerous or even fatal if the driver was to brake suddenly.

There are plenty of rest stops you can pull into for breaks if you feel you need them, including a nap in a bed if you are doing a long-haul journey.

Why Are Class B RVs So Expensive?

Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to experience the freedom that an RV can offer has the means to buy one. There are multiple reasons as to why these RVs are so expensive, one of the reasons is due to the chassis that they are built on being expensive and are harder to work with and come up with functional designs because there is less space to work with.

Therefore, highly skilled workers are brought in to work on them as well as high-end components that are needed for things to function properly in small spaces.

Another factor that influences the high price tag is the fact that they are in high demand and aren’t as mass-produced as larger RVs which you have probably realized are more common to see on roads than class B RVs.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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