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Flashlights are devices that do not only make trips easy for Van Lifers but also help them shine their ways to any part of the world. Unlike the headlamps, flashlights are easy to carry to any place you can visit for your van life trip. A plethora of flashlights on the market today are LED bulbs that illuminate for a long time. The LED bulbs are also easy to charge and they don't go off easily like the older incandescent flashlights produced today. These flashlights also come with multiple modes so you can easily switch to the model that best suits your needs.

Apart from illuminating your way from your van to any part of the campsite, flashlights are also built with sleek and elegant design. The units are the best items to complete the look of your trip to the beautiful cities in South Carolina. Flashlights are available in multiple colors so Vanlifers can effortlessly choose the model that best suits their taste. The products are built to last for a lifetime. They also come with high lumens rate. With a slew of flashlights on the shelves today, users find it pretty difficult to get the best model for their trip. To keep you out of stress, we have made a list of the best 15 flashlights on the market today. The list consists of the best head banders, regular as well as solar-charged flashlights.

How to choose the best flashlights

Flashlights are built to serve different needs at different times and places. For solar-charged flashlights, these units are ideal for Vanlifers who are traveling on a long-distance where it is rare to find homes or people. Head bander flashlights also known as helmet-mounted flashlights are built for Vanlifers who have to use their hands often on a trip or in camp. Regular flashlights are the most durable models on the market today. Therefore, for Vanlifers to purchase any of these models, here are factors to consider as well as features to look in a flashlight.


One of the major features to look for in a flashlight is the design of the model.  Many flashlights combine functionality with a sleek design. Likewise, there are also some units built with USB cable where you can charge your phones or power banks on emergency periods. Some of these products are available in multiple colors and sizes. So, Vanlifers can choose the model that best suits their taste.


Another essential factor to consider is the expense of the flashlight you are buying. While some flashlights are expensive, others are budget-friendly. For Vanlifers who are in search of luxury flashlights to invest on, expensive flashlights are the best units. These units are built to last for a lifetime. However, that does not mean that budget-friendly flashlights are not efficient. All you need to do is to look for things you want in a flashlight and go for the product that is ideal for your trip.


Flashlights are designed to serve different reasons. Some flashlights are ideal for fishing, sailing, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The units are often with lumens capacity that ranges from 300 to 1000 lumens.

1. Streamlight 74751 Strion LED

The first flashlight we bring to you is the Streamlight product. Unlike other types, this is a regular kind of light.  It is one of the professional rechargeable models with a high lumen. This model is versatile and exceptional as it is embedded with unique features to satisfy a van lifer. When you need maximum illumination with a wide beam to search the large area, it provides a blast of 500 lumens with 200 meters of beam distance.

The LED bulb tech is of high quality while using c4 led technology and indispensable accessory in many situations, from technical applications to simple emergencies when domestic power is absent. This affordable and user-friendly product includes quite a number of features that makes it one of the best models. It has a push-button tail switch that lets you choose your desired modes and strobe, operating with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, an anti-roll head which prevents the light from rolling away when set, a high-temperature glass lens, a Clamp style charger holder with a digital control circuit to prevent over-charge. Besides, it is also water-resistant and made of machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish which makes it incredibly durable and ensures its longevity.

Streamlight model is light in weight and also offers an extended run time and fast charging. Looking for a budget-friendly flashlight? Look no further as this model is very affordable and requires you not to break a bank before you can purchase it. A very portable and compact kit to use and at the same time, very easy to operate. An ideal companion for cycling as well as your outdoor activities.

However, it gives exceptional brightness which is why it is recommended for van lifers. A suitable flashlight is a fundamental part of every adventurer's equipment, because who wants to turn around or have to stop just because twilight sets in and you can no longer find a safe step

2. Black Diamond Spot325 Headlamp

As the name suggests, which means this product is diamondlike. Here, we have a fully-fledged headlamp kit with loads of features thrown into it. However, its features include excellent brightness, concentrated beam, long battery life, light in weight, easy to take along anywhere, anytime,  water and dustproof, red LED to preserve night vision, dimmable beam, switch lock, battery indicator light, and a great price tag.

This headlamp is one of the best flashlights for you who want light. Unlike the previous product mentioned above, you can use it without having to carry it, all you need do is wear it on your head. While it's not as bright as your average flashlight, it's more than bright enough to see what you're doing while setting up a tent, cooking a camp meal, or following a trail.

The Spot is equipped with a dimming function, a flashing mode, maximum power for long and short-range, and the innovative PowerTap technology. All this is packed into a lightweight and compact headlamp that fits in any backpack or glove compartment.The fact that it's integrated into a headband means it will sit comfortably on your forehead and give you light wherever you're looking.

The perfect solution for hands-free lighting especially for van lifers who are usually with loads almost all the time and even at night to work with. There's even a lock mode to ensure the headlamp stays on while you're using it or off while you're traveling with it. Since it is IPX8-rated for waterproofing, it means that it's more than capable of remaining functional in heavy rain, so worry less when there is a rainfall while you walk at night. It's also dustproof and resistant to damage, drops, and falls. It's durable, highly versatile, and the best choice of headlamps for you.

You'll simply love its functionality and durability, as well as its multiple light settings. With a brightness of up to 300 lumens and a variety of lighting modes, the spot is ideal for jogging, climbing, and skiing in the dark. With this model, you do not need to wait for dawn before exploring.

3. Anker Rechargeable Flashlight

Unlike incandescent flashlights of the past, this doesn't require any form of connection to electricity before it can be operated. Most of the time, van lifers are usually far from the power supply so what is best for them is an appliance that can be rechargeable at intervals or uses a battery to work, Anker rechargeable flashlight is the best choice to make.

It has a 900-lumen (max) output which is powerful to deal with most close to medium range tasks, also featuring a simple construction with a zoom setting allowing adjustable focus from wide to narrow beam and also provides easy scaling between broad, sweeping illumination and focused spotlight.

However, feature by feature, this is one of the best flashlights on our list as it has five adaptable settings: high, low, medium, strobe, and SOS and can be used for hunting, night time dog walks, camping, emergencies and more. With the shock-resistant design, it guarantees durability, more so, with a premium rechargeable 3350mAh battery, it lasts up to six hours with a 1A adapter, inclusive of the micro USB cable.

The material is made up of an extra-hard anodized-aluminum body which is super tough to resist scratching and chipping while maintaining a sleek look, likewise, the sealed construction ensures that it's fully dust and water-resistant. Budget-friendly compact equipment with an anti-slip finish that stands on-end as an emergency light. You are going to enjoy it as it is super bright, super tough and super-efficient. You'll also love the placement of the on/off switch. Some adventures and trips are unpredictable and full of spontaneity and impulsiveness.

Therefore, every van lifers, climber, skier, mountaineer, and outdoor camper needs a reliable lighting solution adapted to defy the darkness and reach the destination. Moreover, since no trip should be without a flashlight, you must take one of the best along with you which is this model.

4. Vont Flashlight Headlight 

Vont is another of the best headlamps to consider while shopping for your next kits or in search of a new headlamp. This product, however, stands out from the competition on the account of a long-lasting, super-bright lamp that can vividly light up a tent, room or even your vicinity. This is so because the CREE LEDs is fully equipped including being powered by unbeatable three triple-A batteries which are frankly excellent and are included upon purchase, also featuring 7 light modes, a waterproof and drop resistant headlamp amongst others.

It doesn't have an in-built battery but requires one to enable its functionality, and likewise designed to be as lightweight as possible to avoid causing neck strain on its user, especially with the adjustable and stretchable strap. Furthermore, it easily fits into your pocket which makes it very mobile as you could take it camping, hiking or just tuck it in your bag. More so, you need not worry about being out in the rain as its IPX5 waterproof is rated and strongly tested to be indestructible in challenging conditions.

It is made out of materials that are almost the same to ones used in aircraft, which simply means that it can handle a beating and a maximum of 10 feet drop. The light is adjustable with detents to keep it at the settings you want, it can also be adjusted easily with one hand while wearing it or busy working. There are two different lights with different colors serving different functions. While the white light is very bright and mostly to see during the day and when needed, the red light is intended to preserve your night vision.

You can find this product on amazon offering a mouth-watering price that doesn't require you to break a bank before purchasing. If you want a strong and stable headlamp, here is a viable choice.

5. Mifine Rechargeable Headlamp 

The 2200 lumens led headlamp by Mifine is a good helper for van lifers while carrying on with their activities and outdoor adventures. This bright model responds to your need for versatility. An artistically inspired flashlight whose material is made from aluminum alloy and rubber.

A portable and durable product built to last for a very long period to save expenses. The back cover is very soft and comfortable, thus, suitable for wearing. Includes a water-resistant design rated at IPX6 to withstand extreme weather conditions that is perfect for outdoor activities, and with this feature, you don't have to worry about being in the rain provided that the flashlight is not soaked inside the water.

However, it also has 3 lighting modes, that is High light, low light, and strobe and to operate it all you need do is, for the high mode, press the button one time, at the low mode, press two times while you press three times for the strobe. The headbands are elastic and stretchable which minimizes your head movement to reach the desired directions while also zoomable.

Moreso, it is powered by two batteries with the capacity of 18650, and you can also use the wall charger or USB cable to charge it. The battery box circuit board adopts IC charging protection, which automatically stops when fully charged. The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a good warning role in night walking or cycling to keep you safer. Plus, it can also tell you when it is under charging by indicating the red light green light.

This ultra model has created excellent value for money as its quite affordable and easy to use by van lifers. An ideal companion for cycling as well as outdoor activities.

6. Wsky Tactical Flashlight

This LED flashlight produced by Wsky is a high-end model and as such offers a functional quality design with excellent performance. This is one of the best flashlights for van life trips. It is one of the most versatile on the market today. This model lights are bright and offer good visibility for their compact size while also very handy and convenient to carry as it is well balanced and light in weight unlike some that are bulky or heavy.

Irrespective of its price, it outperforms expensive flashlights. However, the material is made of military aluminum alloy and rubber which makes it durable and solid in structure with the battery cell made of alkaline.  What is also cool about this is that it has a lot of light settings. Moreso, it is also zoomable, giving you the option of either zooming it in or out. Consists of five different modes, high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. It is ideal for walking, camping, hiking and even during emergencies.

With a 5.6inch tactical flashlight, it is easy to carry by one hand, also, the IP65 waterproof level protects it from splashing water from any angle The Led flashlight shines ten times brighter than basic incandescent lights and can easily light up an entire room while conveniently powered with 18650 mAh batteries that will last for a long period, though not included in the kit.

Wsky tactical flashlight comes in a very affordable price range with a great value of just one purchase, two flashlights, and as such can keep one in your van and the other in your backpack. It can also fit inside your pocket to be held easily if there are no other means. The high quality of this product has attracted numerous positive reviews from its users.

7. CrazyFire RJ2166 LED Headlamp

CrazyFire RJ2166 LED headlamp can meet your various lighting needs in different outdoor environments. With 800 lumens, this flashlight shines your way throughout each of the activities you engage in and while the beam distance is up to 25+ feet when it is on the brightest setting, the illuminating area is wide enough for running or working. Although featuring a portable integrated design and a waterproofing level of IP50 standard, it must not be soaked inside the water.

CrazyFire HL-RJ2166 LED headlamp ensures you a joyful and relaxing outdoor experience in various conditions. However, the led headlamp is equipped with 3 headband buckles. You can adjust the headband to fit your head with these buckles. Also, it has 3 lighting modes, in other words, three levels of white light brightness, that is, high, low and strobe. Of the features, is the zoom function that enables you to adjust the brightness as you please and also adjust the focus of the beam, likewise, just by pulling the lens, you'll be able to switch freely. All of these indicate that it is user-friendly and easy to operate.

The headlamp is perfect for a van lifer who needs one. Also note that it is powered by 3x AA batteries, though not inclusive in the kit but easy to get and change when power becomes dim. The head of the lamp is 90 degrees adjustable for oriented lighting. As much as its features are, so does it serve multi-purpose use. It is not only restricted to van lifers but also ideal for night time jogging, reading, hiking, fishing, hunting, likewise for handymen, mechanics, and several others.

Certainly, one of a kind that gives exceptional brightness at a low cost. Furthermore, the high performance of this model gives you the highest possible capacity, reliability, efficiency, and safety.

8. LED Flashlights, RockBirds

A quality headlamp should be in the packs of van lifers. However, with all the options out there, making the right choice can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a headlamp that will light up your surroundings to match daytime brightness, you need to check this one out, Cobiz headlamp is certainly the plug.

With a Creek LED light design, it blows the competition away with outstanding brightness. These powerful lights produce up to 6000 lumens with sufficient brightness to shine your way through the dark either in the mountains or in other places. All you need is to secure the lamp on your and you're good to go. This product comes with straps that you will find handy for securing it on your head, thus freeing your hands. However, with this model, you can still get the best that a quality lamp has to offer while being able to use both your hands to do other things with ease.

The 18650 Li-ion batteries pack is enough juice to last you for hours on a single charge. As a van lifer, you will only know its importance when trying to set up the tent, cook or engage in a demanding chore that requires the use of both hands. It also saves you the cost of buying replacement batteries as it comes with rechargeable batteries which are efficient in use.

Thanks to the waterproof design rated at IPX4, it will take on any weather, also with the quality wiring made to be waterproof, there’s no need to panic as it ensures nothing compromises the durability of the lamp. With a power failure, be it in the van or elsewhere and you need to grab something, this headlamp will provide the light you need. While including a two-prong plug charger, it makes it easy and convenient to charge directly from the wall socket and even never heats up after long hours of use.

9. Ultra Bright 7 LED Rechargeable Headlamp

If you are ever stuck in the darkness during a van life trip, camping, caving or hiking, you will be glad you have brought this headlamp along. It has about everything you need to see what you are doing or where you are stepping next.

The super-bright spotlight has a 12000-lumen output, which is powerful enough to deal with most tasks and to see well to avoid danger. It also features a USB charger and 2 powerful 18650mAh rechargeable batteries, with the material made of aluminum alloy plus ABS. Most of the time, van lifers get involved in diverse outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, cycling and anything that needs bright light, so well, this is certainly the best choice.

This unique headlamp features 8 lighting modes, has 2 buttons to control 8 modes to help in situations. With a press on the LED key mode button, you can control the modes of the main, side, all beam, and SOS strobe while the manual instruction directs you on what other things to do. Moreso, it comes with a comfortable and breathable adjustable headband. It makes it convenient and not too tight for the van lifer to wear but tight enough to avoid slipping down on the face thereby causing distraction.

Like some of the best products stated, the light can be adjusted to tilt forward or backward, in other words, it can rotate to shine the light towards any direction of your choice. It is also water-resistant provided that the rain isn't a heavy one and not soaked in water but can be used when it snows, and for both indoor and outdoor activities. This model, unlike several others, comes with a storage bag. Most importantly is that it comes in a very favorable price range, which is ensuring that it is affordable by the majority of van lifers.

10. LED Rechargeable Headlamp

A quality headlamp should be in the packs of van lifers. However, with all the options out there, making the right choice can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a headlamp that will light up your surroundings to match daytime brightness, you need to check this out as ROCKBIRDS LED Flashlight is certainly the plug. With a Creek LED light design, it blows the competition away with outstanding brightness. The unique model generates sufficient brightness to shine your way through the dark either in the mountains or in other places, especially in the night.

However, it is made of durable aluminum alloy crust, and rubber. It comes in two packs and also features an adjustable focus with 5 modes, which are 3 brightness levels and 2 security design modes. With this model, you can still get the best that a quality lamp has to offer. Besides that, thanks to the waterproof design rated at IPX-6, it will take on any weather, also with the quality wiring made to be waterproof, there's no need to panic as it ensures nothing compromises the durability of the lamp. Rockbird flashlight can be waterproof from splashing water from any angle.

The 18650 Li-ion batteries pack is enough juice to last you for hours on a single charge. Always bright with a 50000h life span. It lights up a distance of about 600 feet. With a power failure, be it in the van or elsewhere and you need to grab something, this headlamp will provide the light you need. Another attractive feature of this product is the added fluorescent ring which shines in the night and is very helpful and quick to use in emergencies.

It is a compact flashlight that is enough to fit in your pocket, bag or van compartment. With a comfortable hand rope, it can be taken with you anywhere and anytime. Also included is a zoomable design for different applications of your choice. This product is not limited to use in the Van but also for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing and many more. It is quite economic, which is very easy to afford. Expect a stress-free journey with this product in hand.

11. Fenix Multi-Purpose Rechargeable Flashlight

Still one of the best that provides an exceptional balance of comfort and functionality for Vanlifers while either walking, cooking, camping, mountaineering, hiking or involved in other activities. Since one of the factors van lifers and other users consider is the design you'll certainly appreciate this design and likewise the features of Fenix Flashlight. Just very few still use the regular kind of flashlight as this type has taken over the market due to its extraordinary value.

This model has a large side-button that's easy to press while wearing gloves, which makes it a great choice for chilly trips. The Fenix HM50R is a rechargeable headlamp, built tough to withstand cold temperatures. Also, it produces 500 lumens over 87 yards away thereby providing you with enough light to see with and can last you up to 148 hours on a single charge. This model has an IP68 rating, also resistant to cold, constructed with a full-metal housing and quality aluminum which is compatible with 16340 and CR123A batteries, and likewise comes handy and in a compact size, plus the headlamp can be used as a mini flashlight as well.

Additional features include a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating while also capable of high altitude climbing, hiking or running in rigid environments. The HM50R comes with a rechargeable battery for everyday use, but accepts CR123A batteries, though not included in the kit performs in extremely low temperatures. Furthermore, this torch has a quality build that will withstand hardcore, foul weather adventures.  It also provides robust and reliable lighting for a wide variety of situations.

Meanwhile, a single conveniently switch allows for simple on and off functionality including an integrated micro USB charge port which allows for convenient charging with a switch alert button which notifies you of the status of the battery capacity left.

12. MOICO 13000 Lumens Flashlight

Another of the best flashlights a Vanlifer should consider owning while going on a van life trip is Moico rechargeable flashlight. This headlamp comes with everything you'll need for a successful and enjoyable trip especially when it is at night. It's lightweight and is easily carried or attached with a carrying case clip.

However, the battery's capacity weighs 3200mAh to last for 6-9 hours when fully charged with the compartment, easy to access, which makes it frankly excellent without having to squeeze and slid a little lip. The headlamp consists of 8 LED bulbs and a red safety taillight with high 13000 lumens and illumination range of 300 meters, which help you clearly see the surroundings and stay away from danger.

This product offers a functional quality design with excellent performance with its longevity guaranteed. The straps have a perfect width to distribute the weight and stay comfortable while wearing the headlamp. Meanwhile, the LED headlamp has 2 mode buttons to control 8 modes for versatile use including red light modes. It is extremely bright, so careful not to shine the light at a person's face but rather tilt the headlamp down a little. Other additional features include a rechargeable USB line, 8 lighting modes with the LED key mode button and COB auxiliary mode button controlling all of the beams.

The headlight flashlight has IPX4 waterproof rating, and a high-quality battery box to ensure it is sealed to prevent water leakage. It also offers a high-quality storage box for storing and carrying headlights with accessories. The hands-free headlamp can be rotated 90 degrees which makes it ideal for indoors and outdoors to use. It is equipped with a high-quality elastic band and head sponge pad for easy adjustment and installation, not sliding, which makes it comfortable for both adults and children.


Unlike other headlamps on the shelves that are weak and have flat lenses, this outstanding model has a unique and magnifying lens that makes it very bright and powerful to use which certainly defines it as one the ultimate 15 flashlight products. The innovative design allows you to zoom in or out, either close or far away even while in the darkest situations. With 9500 lumen and three brightness settings, this flashlight shines your way through the activity or journey ahead while giving the help needed and keeping you safe. This model has three lighting modes which include the high, medium and low so you can see it clearly.

However, since most Vanlifers do not have easy access to electricity, there is no need to worry as there will be no more dim and dying headlamp, you only need to pop in a 3 new regular AA batteries to power its high-intensity beam which will keep you lasting for a long time before replacing it.

The material of this beautiful and yet simple design is made from aero aluminum alloy, ABS, neoprene, and plastic which makes it sturdy and durable to use. It is lightweight yet strong and also has three adjustable and flexible straps added to the large flashlight to secure it firmly to avoid any form of slippage.

Moreso, it is a piece of high-quality equipment that almost any van lifer can afford. This exact model comes in color black, especially for van lifers who love the color.  Not to forget that it is also versatile, that is, capable of performing various functions to suit the taste of van lifers while on van trips and other indoor and outdoor activities.

14. Brightest and Best LED Tactical Flashlight

NPET T09 Solar Flashlight combines sleek and modern design with exceptional functionality. The model is one of the best solar charged flashlights you can find on shelves today. It has one of the highest light output among the solar-charged flashlights. With 200 lumens, this flashlight shines your way through the Rocky mountains and wildlife.

It is also the best model to use in emergencies especially when you have to get one of your winter kits from the van. This unit is perfect for hiking, camping, trekking and any other outdoor event.  It is one of the most sturdy and durable solar-charged flashlights on the market today. With an extended monocrystalline 50mAh solar panel included with this model, NPET T09 Solar Flashlight shines your van life trip for about 30 years or more.

This flashlight comes with a 2,000mAh battery that can be charged up to about 30 hours from direct sunlight. It has the capacity to illuminate you for more than 6 hours. Likewise, the model includes 7 working modes with a maximum output of about 200 lumens. Aside from the direct sunlight, NPET T09 Solar Flashlight can also be charged using the USB cable. With the USB cable, your flashlight can get fully charged in 5 hours. Whenever you have a flat battery also, the USB cable helps you charge your mobile phone for more than 5 hours. This model is one of the brightest flashlights on the market today.

Unlike other flashlights on the shelves, NPET T09 Solar Flashlight includes a number of safety tools ideal for emergency periods. However, this flashlight is pretty heavy and not perfect for Vanlifers who are in search of lightweight flashlights. Meanwhile, this product is affordable and you don’t need to break your bank to purchase it.

15. Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern - Solar or USB Chargeable, Collapsible Space Saving Design, Emergency Power Bank, Flashlight

The Kizen Solar LED is listed as one of the best thanks to its beautiful aesthetic design and valuable features that are integrated into the lamp. For Vanlife travelers who love portable equipment, this is for you as it comes with a pouch of portability. To keep your campervan illuminated, this is one of a kind solar flashlights you should look out for. To get started, the lantern features two charging options either by solar power or by a USB plug. You will enjoy multiple brightness modes. The Kizen solar lantern features a compact design that allows you to expand it when used and to compress it while the solar panels charge the battery during the day.

This Kizen product features amazing versatile options that make it one of the most valuable solar lanterns out there. To get started, the full extended lantern features three lighting modes for multiple applications, that is High, low and SOS. These variable light modes will be perfect for multiple outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. You will love to have an emergency light like this when there are power outages of any kind. However, when this model is folded, it can be used as a powerful flashlight and also becomes 2.4 times smaller from its full size which describes its innovative space-saving design. Besides acting as an LED light, you will also be able to use the Kizen solar rechargeable flashlight as a portable power bank that can charge your mobile phones while you enjoy your drive or camping experience.

Moreso, a distinct feature it possesses is that it has fail-safes that prevent it from overheating and getting blown. This unique model weighs 8.8 ounces and has a handle that allows you to hang it on anything to be able to cover a distance. There is also a charge indicator that turns on whenever solar energy is used to power the LEDs. Finally, the Kizen solar lantern is fully waterproof and is protected against hot or cold weather, making it perfect for sailing or fishing activities while it comes in a very affordable price range.


Flashlights are one of the most vital items to take on your Vanlife trips. This device makes it easy for you to do so many things, especially in the night while you are away on the trip. They also help you to save your phone battery as well as power banks. The flashlights are easy to carry on any trip. To make your van life trip to South  America memorable, never forget your flashlight. Here are the best 15 flashlights on the market today consisting of different models. No matter the unit you choose, these flashlights are durable, beautifully-designed as well as efficient.

As always if you see a product we've missed feel free to suggest it in the comments below and we'll take a peek and upload and add it to our list if we agree! We hope this has made the decision that much easier for you!


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