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Since your van can't ride on the Rocky Mountains or snowy areas, getting your snowing kits or hiking items to these places can be too difficult. This is why backpacks or rucksacks are the perfect materials to ease the movements of your essential items to the right point. Also known as knapsack or booksack, backpacks are vital materials commonly used by Vanlifers, campers as well as hikers. Unlike handbags, Backpacks have enough space to take your power bank, flask, snowing kits and many more. Likewise, these units help you to arrange your essential luggage so you don't lose any while hiking or exploring the uniqueness of the monuments.

Vanlifers can effortlessly apply the backpacks to their vans. The product is built to give Vanlifers adequate comfort while carrying their camping materials from one place to another. Apart from the fact that you can easily pass through crowded people with the backpack, it does not drag the third hand to move the unit. Also, backpacks are the perfect models to keep your traveling gadgets safe while hiking in a crowded area. With a slew of backpacks on the market today, Vanlifers often have difficulties getting the best unit. This article helps you choose the best rucksack for your next trip. It includes the 15 best backpacks on the market today.

How to choose the best backpacks

There are a plethora of brands producing rucksacks. Likewise, these manufacturers produce products with similar features, shapes, design as well as size. As a result of this, many Vanlifers and campers often find it difficult to get the model that best suits their taste. However, here are some features to look for and some factors to consider before buying any rucksack.


One of the most important factors to consider is the storage of the backpack you are buying. Vanlifers should look for a rucksack with multiple compartments. With multiple compartments, you can carry your sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping pillow, headlamps, flashlights with extra batteries, and many more essential items. Likewise, a backpack with lots of compartments prevents you from losing out any of your materials while you are on your way to the museum or gallery. Also, it is vital to look for a rucksack with a space for your flask so you don't have to carry it around. Backpacks with many compartments give you extra comfort and help you to move around effortlessly.

Lockable Zippers

Aside from the multiple compartments, another essential feature to look for in a backpack is durable lockable Zippers. Lockable Zippers are vital in helping you to safeguard your valuables while you explore the historic part of your visiting city. Therefore, you need to check for backpacks with two Zippers so you can lock them together. Meanwhile, locks that are TSA-friendly are perfect for Vanlifers traveling to places where they will have little or no time for their luggage. Apart from the fact that TSA locks are durable, they are also easy to open without breaking the locks.

Padded Shoulder Straps and Padded Hip Belt

While the padded hip belt provides adequate support of weight for comfort, padded shoulder straps are ideal for carrying your luggage around the campground. These two materials are vital to look for while buying a backpack. The padded hip belt helps to reduce strains by evenly distributing the load on your back. Likewise, the shoulder straps do not only reduce pressure on your shoulder but also your back. Thus, it is essential for you to look for a backpack with an adjustable hip belt for extra support whenever you need to tighten the hip belt. The padded hip belt must be thick so it can last you for years.

The Best 15 Backpacks

1. Mountain Warehouse Traveller Backpack

On our list for the best backpacks for Van Lifers is this model from Mountain Warehouse. Unlike other backpacks on the market today, Mountain Warehouse Traveler 60+20L Travel Backpack is available in two beautifully-designed bags. Vanlifers can carry their flashlights, camping pillows, sleeping pads, power bank as well as sleeping bags in the main bag and store your hammock, tablecloth and clips, cots, sunshade or screen house and the mattress repair kit in the other bag.

It has a sleek and elegant design and is perfect for Van life trip, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Mountain Warehouse Traveler 60+20L Travel Backpack is also available in black, blue, light brown as well as purple color. So, Vanlifers can choose the product that best suits their taste. Likewise, the rucksack comes in both one size and women's fit size.

On long trips, Vanlifers can easily detach the daypack from the main part of the backpack for comfort. Also, the backpack can be easily adjusted to any height with the adjustable back system of the rucksack. With the rain cover situated in a concealed pocket at the bottom of the backpack, Vanlifers can protect their valuable items from heavy rain while hiking. Aside from the large pockets, this model also comes with an organizer pocket where you can store your wallet, keys as well as mobile devices. This model is one of the best backpacks on the shelves today.

2. Ranvoo Travel Backpack

Ranvoo backpack is one of the best backpacks suited for use by Vanlifers. A high-end model that offers a lot of features. It provides an exceptional balance of comfort, convenience, and functionality.

This model has lots of storage space and pockets for you to place in items. One separate laptop compartment that can hold a 15.6 Inch Laptop as well as 15 Inch,14 Inch and 13 Inch Macbook/Laptop. Another spacious packing compartment for daily necessities, electronic accessories including a front compartment with many pockets, pen pockets and key fob hook which makes your items organized and easier to find.

As a travel companion, it comes with flexible shoulder straps and backside with a comfortable and breathable sponge mesh design which relieves the stress of your shoulder. In other words, if you have a lot of items to carry, you can always make use of the strap to free up your hand. Further features a safe airflow foam-pad back design with soft, multi-panel breathable mesh padding with good heat intemperance offering your back maximum back support.

To provide security for items, a small anti-theft pocket is located on the lower back which keeps your passport, wallet, phone, and other valuable items safe and handy, likewise an internal shockproof belt for fastening your laptop and iPad deterring them from sliding and bumping. Meanwhile, this product is built with a USB charger outside and a charging cable inside to charge phones without having to open your backpack, which other products do not offer.

3. Rangeland Travel Backpack

For Vanlifers in search of an affordable, ultra-light, beautiful yet simple backpack, purchasing this is a great decision. This portable daypack is perfect for business, travel or personal adventure as it comes with straightforward and unambiguous features. It also provides an extra balance of convenience, comfort, and functionality to its users. Since a Vanlifer moves a lot with several items, this model is spacious enough to accommodate some items and structured enough to feel comfortable against your back. It consists of a 15-inch Laptop pocket, 2 passport pockets, 2 pen pockets, multiple interior slip pockets and enough room to hold your clothes and belongings, more so, keeping it organized when not in use.

A high-quality backpack that is durable yet lightweight, and constructed with 100% polyester material for heat-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and dust-resistant, also with a comfortable handle. It measures 12.0 x 5.25 x 17 inches, weighs 1.3 LBS and is designed with padded adjustable shoulder straps with high permeability to decrease the amount of sweat and allow you to carry it for extended periods. The material makes it incredibly secure and durable.

Also, comprising 4 compression straps that close tight to keep your daypack compact and sleek. During laundry, you hand wash separately to avoid staining, wash with cold water and hang to dry, more so, do not dry clean, tumble or dry bleach. This is, of course, a perfect travel companion anytime, any day and you can be sure this product will last you for a long period.

4. Aoking Men Large Lightweight Rucksack

Aoking, is a pioneer in backpack business and has been one of the backpack top brands for a very long time which makes it one of the unique backpacks a Vanlifer should try out. If you could allow yourself to try it out for once, no doubt you will join the satisfied users, with the exceptional quality and service it offers.

This lightweight backpack is very impressive considering it sits on the lower end of the typical price range which makes it quite affordable for an average Vanlifer. Unlike other products with low material quality, Aoking is made of high-quality tear and waterproof polyester fabric with high-density nylon lining, specially made for formidable situations.

However, this product is surprisingly sturdy considering how little it weighs and it contains all the features you would expect. It provides an extra-large compartment to store everything needed for work, school or travel. It has a variety of multiple convenient storage pockets, one of which makes it easy to reach a water bottle hostler. Inclusive is adjustable straps, a thick massage shoulder straps combined with a padded back cushion which brings you great comfort while carrying, also a laptop compartment, made with padding, to protect your device from bumps and scratches coupled with a unique high and strong elastic handle, which ensures more comfort and allows more loading.

There is also a durable metal zipper across the backpack which provides high explosion protection performance, likewise a metallic wider handle lined with bartack stitch that ensures strong and long-lasting performance with maximum weight. Not leaving out the perfectly detachable cord, this will work well with key fobs to get in and out of secured doors.

5.Samsonite Kombi Backpack

One of the products that have established itself on the market as one of the more impressive backpack designers is the Samsonite model with an ultra-lightweight design. For van lifers in need of a spectacular and quality backpack, this is absolutely for you.

This model is constructed of rugged ballistic durable nylon fabric that is water and oil resistant, shedding moderate precipitate genuine leather details, thus, providing support and comfort given that it is light in weight. The favorite features of this pack also include a built-in padded laptop compartment that fits up to 14" laptops designed to carry it and help protect it from shocks while traveling, including smart sleeve slides over upright handles for easy mobility.

During the trip, there might be a little damage to any of the gadgets especially the phone if not handled carefully but worry less because the fleece-lined pocket will help protect your phone from scratches, shoulder straps and top handle padded for comfort. Besides, there is also an interior organizer that offers areas to store writing instruments, cellular phones, PDA's and other business accessories. The product is a breathable pack with a padded back panel, and an adjustable strap(s). If on a limited budget, this is one pack to look into, it will surely protect your essentials from damage and moisture.

6. Markryden Modern Rucksack

When compared to other backpack products, the Markryden model is made from new generation waterproof PU, with a waterproof coating on the zippers. A unique feature of this pack is its excellent water resistance and one of the few that handles even really heavy downpours. Its back panel is covered with breathable mesh for great ventilation.

Markryden Modern backpack is as well padded between your back and the interior to enable comfortability when wearing it while the convenient sternum strap features a compass and a whistle. However, the location of the sternum strap requires a little adjusting to get it fit. Most of the time, van lifers opt for budget-friendly kits which makes it easy for you to purchase this as its price is quite attractive.

If you are not willing to spend a lot on a pack, definitely consider getting this one. Featuring a spacious main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve that can fit devices up to 17.3" with an extra compartment for an easy arrangement of all accessories. Whereas, the size of the pack is quite slim so it would not work for many accessories such as laptops, tech gear, and notebooks. Moreover, the laptop backpack has two pockets, one at the back panel and the other inside a shoulder strap. They are both great for securing extra items should in case someone tries robbing you. This product allows for quicker access to items such as your glasses, side pocket for your bottle and backside anti-theft pockets.

7. CAMEL CROWN 35L Backpack

This brand is definitely on the list of the best backpacks because of its ultra and straight forward features that are recommended for you. Modoker Vintage backpack provides remarkable support and comfort while traveling with lightweight loads.

However, it's a rucksack made out of premium durable canvas and leather trim, featuring a flap top and a magnetic snap closure underneath the front panel, vintage brass hardware, adjustable shoulder strap which gets tight and loosen easily which makes it incredibly durable and comfortable to use both in size and shape. Modoker Vintage backpack stands out from the competition on the account of ultra weight design and its superior construction.

This model is quite spacious and can hold books, water bottle, umbrella, iPad, A4 files, wallet, clothes, power bank and holds a dimension of about 12.2 by 6.3 by 16.1 inches, large enough to fit everyday essentials. The exterior part of the bag includes 1 front utility zipper pocket and 2 side zipper pockets with elastic bands inside to hold your bottles, cell phone, pens, keys, and other frequently used items while the interior comprises of 1 main compartment with a laptop sleeve, Ipad pouch and 1 slip zipper pocket for wallet or valuables.

Furthermore, embedded in the pack is the laptop sleeve with velcro secured pocket which fits a 15" laptop, the main compartment with drawstring closure top and padded back panel that provides quality protection and safeguards it. Hardly is there any van lifer without a smartphone, thus, built with a USB port to offer a more convenient way to charge your phone while carrying it but doesn't power itself.

Since there are people with different tastes, this product comes in different colors which you can pick from such as blue, black, etc. A great rucksack for hiking, camping, traveling, school, work, office or outdoor activities for everyone of all ages.

8. WindTook Travel Backpack

First and foremost, this product is one of a kind cause if it were not so, it would not be listed as one of the best backpacks for Vanlifers. When compared to thousands of backpacks out there, WindTook was produced with all your needs in mind. This model is made of water-resistant oxford with polyester as the inner material. It weighs 1.01kg with a dimension of 31 by 13 by 42cm.

Built-in it is a USB port which is made convenient to charge your cell by connecting it to your power bank without having to go through the stress of opening up your backpack on and on while also providing the convenience of charging your phone while engaging in simple activities with the exclusion of a power bank in mind.

Sometimes because of the price range of some backpack products, Vanlifers opts for something less, but with WindTook, you can happily purchase a backpack without having to break a bank as it is quite affordable. One basic and unique feature of this model is its water-resistant coating fabric. This helps to prevent access of water into the bag to avoid damage.

Moreso, it has a patch area for attaching your favorite tags and two front pockets for keys or small items. This product is roomy and can hold several items while also perfect for businesses, traveling, shopping, professional work and other outdoor activities you might want to engage in. It is ideal for Van lifers who are prepared to invest in this product. By the way, it doesn't require washing with liquid detergent or bleach but advisable to clean with wet cloth if necessary and then air dry it so it will last for a very long time.

9. Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

If you've got several choices to pick the best from, look no further as Tzowla Backpack stands out from others on the account of superior construction, and unique anti-theft design. This backpack comes with a cushioned shoulder lashes combined with breathable back to ensure an exceptional balance of comfort is provided to its users. Made with high-quality waterproof polyester fabric material and dual metal zippers which makes it an incredibly durable rucksack. However, with the waterproof design, it ensures that your items are not soaked in water in case you are caught in the rain.

Tzowla travel backpack also boasts of other amazing features such as the spacious interior, lockable zips for extra security, secret pockets, as well as customizable shoulder straps. A type of backpack with an attractive design yet with simplicity. Of importance is that it is budget-friendly so you need not break a bank before purchasing it.

Besides, it also includes the main laptop compartment that provides space for a 15.6-inch laptop, tablet, and organization for flat documents and tech accessories. It's secondary large compartment offers a series of organizer pockets to hold travel items, headphones, clothes camera, power bank, books. Inclusive is an attached front small items compartment and a two side water bottle pockets to store water to drink while thirsty, likewise an anti-theft back zipper pocket for wallet, cards which makes your items coordinated.

The travel backpack offers great convenience for charging your phone as it comes with a USB design port enabling you to connect your cable to the USB charger port outside and use the built-in charging cable inside to connect your power bank. The headphone hole gives easy access to earphone usage and frees your hands when enjoying audios, music while walking or engaging in any desired activity. It also serves well as a professional laptop backpack.

The luggage belt design helps to free your hand and back while on a trip coupled with a widen S-shaped shoulder straps to relieve the shoulder pressure to be variable. This safe and secure backpack for Vanlifers features two reflective strips at the front of the bag, which is conspicuous and attractive in the night with an external headphone and offers more convenience of enjoying music.

10.UGRACE Laptop Backpack

Uniquely crafted to suit the lifestyle of a van lifer. Unlike others, it is formulated with premium lightweight tear-resistant Oxford fabric and quilted polyester lining depicting a simple and conventional casual daypack fit for various Vanlife activities. UGRACE backpack is a great versatile bag for van lifers irrespective of gender. Featuring an attractive design with PU leather magnetic strap snap-on front and PU leather backpack.

An amazing backpack for casual wear with ultra-large capacity and a large number of clever practical MacBooks. With a total of 5 compartments, comprising of one main pocket with laptop large sleeve that fits up to 15.6" laptop, clothes, books, purse, tablet and other daily needs including a 2 front zip pocket under the portable and fashionable flap handy accessible to smartphone, earphone, magazine, tablet and other carry-on stuff.

Also, one bottle pocket side for a portable drink bottle and an umbrella.  Further described as a vintage chic backpack with the manifestation of noble temperament, broad soft adjustable shoulder strap easy to carry with a perfect fit, safety exterior pockets under the magnetic snap belt flap and evident is the cotton material that protects the belongings from getting damaged.

Associated with this model is it's longevity, in other words, it can stand up to several years. Delivers a remarkable and qualitative balance of comfort, convenience, and functionality to you while using it. If on a limited budget, this is one product to look into as it saves your money with a lot to enjoy from.

Meanwhile, other features that make it authentic is the secret pockets on the arm strap which is quite rare among other products, RFID protection pocket, no exterior facing pockets which means that whatsoever that will be in the bag will be hidden and known only to the Van lifer, also including a luggage strap while the best of all is that the zipper is on the inside which will keep people wondering on how to open it, in other words, ensuring safety for its user.

11. Game Theory Travel Waterproof Backpack

On our list of the best rucksacks is also the Game Theory Backpack. Of all the products with an anti-theft feature, this is the ultimate anti-theft backpack on the market. This 16L bag functions as a portable safe for the wearer's electronics. The anti-theft bag has reinforced lining, also TSA approved while including a pad inside for a laptop and tablet. There is also an external USB hub to connect your phone to a battery pack and can be slipped on over a suitcase, just to name a few of the many awesome features of this bag.

Game Theory Travel backpack also boasts of a slash-proof exterior, hidden zippered opening, RFID protection, and secret pockets that are only accessible to you. With no exterior pockets and a reinforced hard-shell exterior, the bag protects from thieves trying to open your bag without you noticing. The secret side pockets make getting what you need from the bag easy. With this model, traveling just got a lot more efficient, easy, and elegant.

However, the bag slips over your luggage strap for easy transport, can go through any door when open flat allowing you to leave your laptop and other belongings in the bag, and also has a USB charging port which can be connected with your iPhone, iPad, or other tablets while you enjoy your ride. Meanwhile with the water-resistant protection, and the slash-proof, it prevents water from getting into your bag and damaging your belongings likewise with the reinforced hard-shell exterior that serves as anti-theft, keeping thieves out.

Furthermore, the sleek and simple design makes it great for anyone, including men, women, teens, girls, or boys to enjoy the backpack with the straps fully back cushioned with breathable fabric and support pads that are strategically placed to help keep the stress off the neck and shoulders so it feels light to wear. Its rust-proof interior zippers are easy to use and designed for lasting performance. It also has a bright reflector stripe that will allow you to stay visible in the dark.

These features make it outstanding out of several others. While made from high-quality materials and held together with reinforced stitching, it, therefore, guarantees a lifetime structural integrity with you not having to think about replacing your pack consistently or at intervals.

12. AmazonBasics Travel Backpack

When it comes to the production of efficient and durable traveling items, AmazonBasics is one of the best brands in the industry. Although the manufacturer has been in existence for years, it still produces units that compete with a slew of Backpacks from the modern brand. AmazonBasics Slim Carry on Travel Backpack is one of the most unique rucksacks from this brand. With only a weight capacity of about 3.25 pounds, Vanlifers can easily carry this unit from their campgrounds to the peak of any Mountain.

This backpack is built to last for a lifetime. It is constructed with sturdy materials such as polyester, Duraflex Hardware as well as YKK Zippers. The product does not rip off, fade or discolor easily. It is also a great choice for Vanlifers to come on the trip with their large laptop. AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack has a laptop compartment size of about 17".  This backpack does not only work perfectly well as a one-bag carry-on travel backpack but also works as a large tech daypack.

Unlike other carry-on-sized travel bags on the market today, this model is affordable. You don't need to break up your bank to purchase it. Also, it has a sleek and attractive design. It is available in multiple colors. Vanlifers can choose to buy the grey, salmon, purple, green or black model. Thus, no matter the unit you purchase, AmazonBasics provides you with adequate comfort while you move your valuable items down to the campground.

Whenever you need to take a sip of water on your way to the beach, the backpack has a zippered side-mounted water-bottle pocket to make it easy and convenient. For convenient transport, AmazonBasics Slim Carry on Travel Backpack has low-profile top and Sid grab handles. The backpack has front storage pockets where you could keep smaller materials as well as retrieve them easily.

13. K3 Alpha 24 Liter Weatherproof Water Resistant Backpack

Asides that K3 Alpha Backpack travel backpack has all the attributes expected of a backpack for a Vanlife traveler, it is also exceptional and elegant to use. This spectacular model is a basic and affordable backpack that is ideal for everyday use and traveling.

This backpack is constructed with high-quality material, heavy-duty, ultra-rugged 600 Denier construction, 2-Ply Polyurethane weather-resistant coating, and double stitch seam construction. It is built to withstand the elements of travel and also designed to easily haul all your essentials.

An all-round travel pack that has an internal large main compartment with padded *5" laptop sleeve, a zip pocket and an elastic pocket. Besides that, it includes an external side mesh pocket and 2 exterior zip pockets to store in other things with compression straps for gear attachment to secure the bag. Thanks to the amazing features embedded in it, this model assures you of peace of mind notwithstanding its intended usage. It holds a dimension of *9.75 by *0.75 by 6.25" and also 2 liters. This backpack comes with an incredibly roomy interior, yes, that will help you carry everything needed for work, travel and other primary activities.

Moreso, for comfort, it has a padded and breathable backpack panel with contoured straps to help reduce the strain on your back and shoulders. However, the adjustable chest and sternum strap have four O-Ring attachment points. With the numerous features attached to this product, it will surely protect your essentials from damage and moisture. Alpha 24 liter top has an unmistakable and attractive style while also offering a supreme functionality for Vanlife travelers to enjoy.

A perfect model used while walking, hiking amongst several others and also a great deal for Vanlifers who are searching for a portable luxury backpack to take along on their next Vanlife trip. Vanlife travelers can afford it because it's not expensive and doesn't require breaking a bank.

14. Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart Backpack

Swissgear 1990 ScanSmart Backpack is a perfect model for exploring a wide variety of outdoor activities. It is one of the best backpacks in the market today. This model is optimized for your dream and comfort as it is spacious, thus, accommodating quite a several items. Consequently, you can pack all your gear into its extra compartments and still have some space left.

One of the unique features embedded in its premium quality, made of a sturdy 1200D ballistic polyester material that reliably withstands harsh climatic conditions and heavy use. Asides that, it also contains a huge opening compartment which allows for easy access to gadgets such as a laptop up to 17" in size.

However, its rugged oversize sippers, heavily padded panel complete with the latest airflow ventilation technology makes this product your ultimate Vanliving backpack. Nonetheless, the shoulder straps featuring mesh fabric provides maximum comfort for its users. Other features built include a tablet pocket, an organizer compartment, multiple internal accessory pockets, water bottle pockets, molded top handle, a padded media pocket with headphone cord port, thumb ring adjuster and a webbing daisy chain and carabiner to attach the gear to.

One of the best selling designs, the iconic and authentic Swissgear1900 ScanSmart Laptop backpack continues to be chosen over and over again. This highly functional pack also features a heavy-duty grab handle and ergonomic straps for on-the-go comfort. All of the aforementioned pulls for the ultimate in providing comfort and durability. Although this backpack model has a design, it cost less than you can imagine, in other words, it is quite affordable as you do not need to break a bank before getting to buy it. Inclusive is a reflective accent material that is built into shoulder straps basically for safety.

15. Gootium Roll-top Rucksack



Unlike other products on the market today, the model is a lot different because of the materials used in producing it. The remarkable features of this backpack attribute to the special washing technology, the fine horse leather trim, and the user-friendly design. Stonewash method for the full cotton canvas, which not only modifies the appearance but also makes the canvas much more flexible to carry in a vintage style.

This Gootium stone-washed canvas backpack has a vintage look about it, stone-washing gives it a faded look and makes the fabric softer and more flexible. The fine horse leather trims perfectly, which makes it more exquisite and personalized.actually, it weighs in at 877gms and thus measures 52cm in height when folded and straps connected, if you wish, the height can be reduced a little by using different holes further up the strap. Roll-up designed with leather strap closure double secure your belongings.

However, the contents placed by the van lifers in the backpack are securely protected by the leather straps and there are two inside compartments,  the main one and another good size one which can accommodate a 15" laptop. Also inside there are two small pockets ideal for a wallet, power bank or similar. The inside is very roomy and has a really nice smooth feel to it, including padding. A large pocket is in the front also secured with a leather strap.

There are two padded adjustable shoulder straps that feel comfortable when adjusted, and a top-mounted leather handle is fitted as well if you wish to hand-carry this. The stitching all over is good and consistent and the inside light tan color blends in well with the grey canvas and brown straps. Other colors are also available in coffee and army green. A smart spacious unisex bag that will be ideal for many people, including students to house their collection of books and many other things including a laptop. For Vanlifers, this model with its vintage outlook and comfortable material, this backpack will certainly be your perfect companion.


The backpacks are essential items to take with you on your daily trip, camping trip, hiking, as well as other adventures because hardly will you find anyone going out without having to carry anything. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of backpacks is to ensure that all items are well arranged and secured. Listed above are the list of the best products of backpacks recommended for you to purchase while exploring. They are of unique features with high-quality materials intended to satisfy your needs and last you for a long time. With this, you are definitely going to have a remarkable and risk-free journey.

We hope you enjoyed this showcase of some of the greatest backpacks available on the market, as always if you see something missing from our list be sure to drop a comment with a link and we'll take a look if we like the product we'll add it to our list! Thanks for viewing and have a lovelyday!


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