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One of the points of concern among future Vanlife fans is comfort. Now, we know that adhering to the lifestyle on the road requires, first of all, organization and adaptation. But that doesn’t mean, by far, giving up a good night’s sleep.

Some travelers like to use the blanket over or under the duvet, in which case a heavier piece may become too hot. On the other hand, there are people who prefer to place the blanket without a comforter, bedspread or sheet. In any case, it is a fact that the night’s sleep has to be peaceful, without excessive cold or heat, so we guarantee our health and also our quality of life.

Joining Vanlife is a search for greater contact with nature and focus on your mental health, but without sacrificing physical health, of course. We know that sleep is an important part of our well-being, so this article will bring the best blankets for all seasons and needs.

Even your furry friends need a blanket every now and then 😀

How to choose the right blanket

Always remember that space is everything, so before buying five or six pieces with different prints and occupying all your storage, think about what you will need for the next months.

The market offers several options among fabrics and technologies: cotton, electric, wool, anti-allergic, polyester, extra light, extra-heavy that promise to provide an extra feeling of comfort and protection. Before checking the list, think about your priority.

For all seasons

Even if your destination for the next few months includes the beaches of California or the Sonoran Desert, that doesn’t mean just light sheets at bedtime. Despite the high temperatures during the day, even hot places have a temperature drop at night and you don’t want to spoil your days with a cold.

When planning your next months, keep in mind that a route through Mexico will require light, anti-allergenic and preferably cotton-based blankets while Alaskan roads are sure to be nicer with an electric blanket and heavier. 

The types of blanket


It is lighter and ideal for use in summer, spring, autumn or when we are in hot and humid places. It can also be added to your mattress in the coldest seasons, so you place it on top of the comforter or bedspread to keep you warm.


Perfect for winter and colder nights, since wool is the fiber with the greatest capacity to store heat. This type is the best blanket for you to take on an international trip to colder countries. It is usually heavier and will warm you up well.


It is thinner, has more threads per square meter and is very soft. It is useful for all seasons and, because it is more practical, you can take it to the sofa while watching a movie, even in the summer, on that day when it gets too windy. Now that you are properly introduced to the basics, take the time to provide the choose the blanket for you.

Extending the life of your blanket

It is useless to plan your new home with the ideal blanket if, in a matter of weeks, you realize that all your effort was in vain in the face of a piece that smells bad or needs to be washed every two days. That is why it is essential to include bedding, especially your blankets, in your morning routine. Extend them for a few minutes in the sun and outdoors whenever possible and keep bags of silica to prevent mold and bad smell guarantee better use of your money. Follow these simple rules and you are going to have great pieces for years, providing you great nights under the stars. 

1 – Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket

The Zone Tech travel blanket is made with 100% polar fleece which is a high-quality polyester material, it features with Far-Infrared Heating built into the fabric. The material provides maximum strength, durability, and comfort, which means that you will have your mate for thousands of miles. The blanket heats up when connected to your vehicle’s 12-volt DC outlet, providing continuous heating. The new improved remote button provides a precise temperature indicator display, on/off button and controls to adjust the heating temperature. The dimensions are perfect for small vans’ owners, 14.5 X 11 X 3.8 inches and the lightweight of only 2.65 pounds will provide heat without adding weight to your already loaded home. 

If you are also concerned with the style of your van, this Heated Blanket is sure to be a hot night without losing good looking. Providing cool and comfort either for summer nights or winter driving, it is easily folded, helping you save your storage space but also keeping everything organized. The fabric is soft, providing a nice touch. The material does not fray, so no need to worry about lint all over the car. The control is anatomic and small, fitting easily to the side of the seat while driving and not disturbing at night. Its rounded design prevents accidents, both on you or your car’s surface. 

A good use while driving, camping or chilling outside, this travel companion will provide warm and special moments. Its size fits for all types and once folded it can be used as an alternative pillow. The non-flammable design is perfect for those who don’t want to spend extra time and effort saving the blanket far from the grill area or worrying about every sparkle once around the bonfire. If you are one of those who love the cold but hate driving with cold feet the Zone Tech travel blanket is about to turn into your best friend: just wrap it around your legs or fold it and place on the floor and you can enjoy your trip for hours without stopping to warm your frozen toes. All of this for this price? It is definitely a great deal! 

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2- Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket 

So, are you one of those who like to enjoy the best of your Vanlife style enjoying the nights outdoors and spending hours on the stars? This powerful, yet lightweight blanket is just what you need. 

Made of good quality, the blanket is a lightweight piece made with 20D ripstop nylon with 650 Fill Power down insulation. Great for all sizes, it measures 80”x54” going to 77”x50” while fully puffed and only 5”x12” when stuffed into its sack. Its durable water-repellent fabric protects from rain, spills, and snow. It is filled with an 80/20 blend of responsibly sourced duck down and feathers and with an underquilt or sleeping pad can provide ultralight heating options down to 45 degrees. The hem is reinforced for safety and long life. 

The Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket is made to really put your outside your van but not your comfort zone. It features premium snaps which make possible convert your blanket into a poncho. The patchwork style is classic and makes you feel like you are not sleeping covered only by a huge plastic bag. It comes in three colors to match exactly with your van design. The classic black, for those who like to keep it simple, dark blue, which adds style to your evenings contemplating the sky, lake or ocean and finally the army green, because outdoor also means adventure! The colored hems provide a beautifully crafted design. 

Making a great acquisition for your days and nights, this wearable blanket protects you from wind and weather while offering insulation, keeping you warm and cozy. Perfect if you have pets, this piece will keep clean even after your furry friend’s nap. It is also resistant to sand and grass, being perfect for lazy afternoons enjoying nature. The filling will give you extra comfort, and you can have the best of two worlds. Despite the outdoor design, this blanket is also great for your indoor needs. As a blanket or as an extra layer for those very cold nights, this guy will prove to be a great companion for the road warriors.  Its filling is bulky but does not retain odor, drying quickly and getting rid of the smell of damp blanket.

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3 – Battery Operated Heated Blanket

This beautiful heated blanket is a soft piece made from microfleece to hold in heat and comfort. It comes with a battery with a standard plug or 12 volt 2 USB ports and offers convenience with the temperature settings, letting you chose between high, medium and low. The lithium-ion batteries are included and the wireless system gives you the freedom to go far as you’re doing with your van life. Despite being potent, the blanked is light, weighing only 1.54 pounds. The dimensions are 17.3 x 14.2 x 7.5 inches, more than enough to keep warm the full legs. It has a water-resistant exterior, equipped with a safety shutoff mechanism and a specialized pocket to house the battery pack. It also features hand pockets and it’s a 100% satisfaction piece, with a 5-year warranty. 

Its luxurious material and lines provide comfort and style for all times and seasons. The blanket has a thick and ultra-resistant hem because having Vanlife style does not mean giving up some fashion touch, of course. It is velvety blue leaves its small sleeping corner with a warm and adult look, but without losing its identity. During the night the blue becomes almost black and will make your Instagram followers wonder how you can live in a van and still being so chic. Its thin thickness guarantees comfort without leaving you looking like giant cotton candy. 

This is wherever you go piece, ready for all your needs. This blanket will warm both your body and soul, while you walk or sleep totally cable-free. The battery delivers 5+ hours of continuous heat and the 2 OSB ports provide you the comfort to charge your personal devices while staying warm. The batteries can be recharged in your cars’12-volt input and the shutoff mechanism keep it safe even for the most distracted ones. Also, if you are one of those who loves to wrap yourself into a blanket but hates to have no place to hold your hands, this one comes with hand pockets. It couldn’t be more handful. The joke can be bad, but you’ll be so excited that I bet you’ll laugh when you feel your hands perfectly adjusted.

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4 – Virgin Merino Wool Warmth 

If you are a fan of wool but you fear allergies and itches, welcome to merino technology. Providing greater durability and practicality, this part will meet your needs inside and outside your van. This is a high-quality and durable outdoor gear and it is definitely a “must-have” in all Vanlifers starter pack. It is woven with 80% premium virgin merino wool, strengthened with a nylon/polyester blend. It is designed with a twill weave and features beautifully double-stitched edging. The pattern, fiber composition, and dyeing techniques assure that it is a timeless blanket. It comes in four sizes, 66”x90”, 66”x84”, 66”x90” or twin and its weighs around 4 pounds. 

The piece comes in 3 beautiful colors, giving you no excuses to not take pictures just because you’re wrapped. Either gray, navy blue or green, this blanked will match with your eyes and soul! It is woven using a twill weave with a gorgeous double-stitched polyester thread, giving to your outdoor life that style that you always looked for but still keeping you warm enough to enjoy it. The material’s design makes it difficult for leaves and dirt to stick to your blanket, so you can sit on the grass peacefully without worrying about ruining it forever.

These blankets are perfect when you just want that extra layer of insulation during cold nights. The milled finish creates inter-fiber felting and fabric consolidation, which results in optimal density for rugged outdoor excursions. Inside or outside your van, even during sunny days, it is still a great choice, since that helps protect you from the sun and keep you cool with the fiber’s temperature-regulating properties. The Merino fiber is used for knitwear and is highly regarded for its warmth and softness. The twill weave makes soils and stains less noticeable due in part to the subtle diagonal texture. If you loved everything but are still a little concerned about allergies don’t give up on wool. The Virgin Merino Wool Warmth is developed using a long staple that is tightly spun to minimize poking and itching. What it means that you can easily sleep wrapped and comfortable and wake up the next morning with your skin soft and undamaged. 

5 – Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

This beautiful military-style blanket is heavy and warm for days and nights all over the world. It weighs 4.8lbs with a density of 600 GSM, which means that is nice and thick at the same time so you don’t have to worry about staying warm but getting tired at the same time. It comes in large size of 64”x 88” and is 80% wool, a natural fire-retardant material. It is also composed of 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, so you don’t have to choose between staying warm or keep yourself safe of those red marks all over your body.  

With a traditional style, these blankets are designed for years of use. Offered in two colors, military gray and navy blue, the pieces are triple-washed during production, making them softer, more hygienic and less susceptible to shedding. The orange stitch trim looks classy and you will have the piece looking fancy on your van for years. It fits great with all materials and styles, no matter if you are minimalist or likes to keep your van full of pictures and small decoration, this blanket will never be a design killer. 

The fire-retardant material will literally get your back, keeping you warm and safe near the bonfire. Arcturus blankets are never treated with any additional flame-retardant chemicals, making it safe for everyone, pets included. The wool is a time-tested natural fabric that will keep you warm, even when wet, so you don’t have to worry about shivering when driving through wet routes. I think that the best part is that not only are they washable, but they get softer and softer with each wash. Since they are thick and light you can wash your blanket by hand and line drying, which is totally manageable in our lifestyle and will also maximize the life of your blanket. They are pretty affordable and can be a great second piece, being used as covers but also as bedsheets for those cold nights. Throw it into your driver’s seat and you will have a comfortable and warm driving day or use it just to cover your legs and back while you keep your window open to enjoy the fresh air. 

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6 – PuTian Soft Blanket 

This blanket is made with Eco-wise Merino Wood, with professional Bio-Enzyme technology processing and super-fine Australia merino wool fabric, beautifully knitted tightly to prevent shedding and pilling.  Very light, it weighs only 2.77 pounds and it comes in a 16.5 x 12 x 2.5 inches, matching all shapes and needs. It can easily fit in small spaces, doesn’t add much in your storage but will definitely make a huge difference on cold nights of chilling days. If you are not willing to give your van a particular style by using a blanket as a decoration piece this blanket will probably be exactly what you’re looking for. You can choose between a bunch of colors and patterns, starting from the traditional dark palets of blue and black and going to the pink, mustard, and yellow, adding a lot into your small little dream home. Match with your usual pillows, play with some pillow cover and you will have a different bed every week to show off all your fashion skills. 

The PuTian soft blanket is designed to be as soft, non-scratchy and odor-free as possible, being also naturally static and fire-resistant. As we know, wool has an excellent warmth to weight ratio, being one of the best natural insulators, which means that it will regulate your body temperature and will even continue to provide thermal warmth when wet. This is what makes the wool blankets a must-see for both those in cold regions and those adventurers in the tropics. A durable and especially dependable blanket ideal for the van and also for all the outdoor activities which come with your Van Lifestyle. 

The Bio-Enzyme technology processing means that this wool blanket can be machine washed. Even being unlikely you have one of those on the van is always handy to know that you can quickly wash it when you decide to treat yourself by having your laundry done by machines. This soft, thick, warm and cozy piece is exactly what you want when you feel like being wrapped with comfort and a nice touch. The great quality assures that you are going to be best friends for a long time. 

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7 – Text Trend 100% cotton blankets  

These imported luxurious cotton blankets will definitely make your summer nights worth remembering. They are made with 100% cotton, giving a heavenly touch in the skin. It comes in queen size (90”x90’) of king size (90”x 108”), fitting perfectly in any bed. The queen size is great for singles and the king is the couple’s favorite, but it is so comfortable that I bet each one will want their own piece. The cotton is high-quality material, providing warmth in light summer nights or cold winter. 

The waffle weave designed cotton is elegant to see and mesmerizing to touch, giving you those very nice goosebumps every time that you wrap yourself into it. It comes in five different colors and you can buy two pieces for different decoration options. Who said that living Van Lifestyle means that you have to give up all knowledge you achieved by hours watching those interior design shows?

These breathable and light-weight blankets are perfect in summers as well which makes it a perfect year-round product. The design is more than just for the eyes, it also allows the air to get trapped in the pores and makes these blankets warmer than any other traditional blanket. They are machine washable blankets, but they are also so easy to handle and dry up quickly after every wash that you are going to have fun while washing them by hand. Van life is empowering in so many ways that you feel proud of yourself even realizing small activities like this one.   

More than just a piece for your night, these blankets can provide you the style that you’re seeking for. It can match with rugs and mats and could be the perfect cover for your seat at those days that your skin needs something nice while you’re driving. It is often a perfect choice for an evening poncho while taking a walk and appreciating the view. Those warm friends will be a great match for your sunsets. 

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8 – Dollcent cotton blanket

The Dollcent cotton blanket is made by 100% luxurious Premium Long-Staple combed cotton for all your needs. It comes in king size, queen size or twin size, making it perfect for every kind of traveler. The manufacturer company has been working with textiles for more than 40 years, which results in invaluable knowledge to develop tested and certified products. It comes with a handy bag, so you can store your cozy friend properly, saving space and still feeling like handling all of your tasks perfectly. Your mama should be proud! 

The velvet look is offered in six different colors, from the light white for a fresh and clean look until the warm and strong red for adventurous and full of attitude vans. The blanket is eco-friendly and safe, being approved per a globally standardized quality assurance system. This means that your blanket does not contain any harmful substances and is safe for the skin and environment. 

This smart good-looking blanket can either keep you warm during the night but also the ability to breathe and not lock-in heat, having a really sweet trim. It is so easy to care that you’re not going to believe and how well organized you can keep your van and you really feel that this lifestyle was always what you’re born to live. It is perfect for layering, sleeping and also as a poncho, of course. The combed cotton makes it soft and cozy for pets as well, so you both can enjoy together without any bad smell. It has a comfortable weight that provides the soft touch and nice sensation in your skin, making you feel totally involved in velvet. Fits perfect every size of the bed and you can also fold it and have some extra soft layer on your mattress. Wrap it into a roll and you can also have a huggable friend for extra comfort in your legs. 

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9 – Cotton Craft thermal blanket

TheHerringbone twill design Cotton Blanket is made with 100% woven from pure cotton which is a high-quality thermal material, it features in Herringbone twill weave design. The material provides maximum strength, durability, and comfort, which means that you will be comfortably wrapped all over the road without any concern. The blanket is soft and cozy, ideal for layering with any bedding ensemble. The warm, welcoming premium quality breathable thermal blanket is the perfect choice when it gets chilly. The dimensions are perfect for all vans’ owners, featured in twin, full-queen or king size. The lightweight will provide heat without demanding extra space for storage, keeping your van organized and pretty. 

If you want to stay warm but show off some style, this cotton crafted blanked will help you to build that good look with minimum effort. Providing cool and comfort its a great match for spring evenings, summer nights or full winter. It can be easily folded and it can work as a nice pillow or laptop support. The fabric is soft but breathable, providing a nice touch and helping you to stay fresh while sleeping. 

Great for driving, camping or just chilling, this soft and cozy is great for snuggling or for layering, adding to your bed some style and heat. While traveling around hot places during the summer this beauty will easily pay off, since that provides the coverage that you need during the night but won’t let you slow cooking all night long. The light and breathable structure are also perfect for those occasions when it is not necessarily cold but is windy. It comes in 9 colors, so you can play matching with almost any style that your imagination leads. 

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10 – Kawahome Fuzzy Jersey Blanket

The Kawahome Fuzzy Jersey blanket will bring you the best of both worlds. The well-crafted piece provides maximum heat, durability, and quality, made by a soft fuzzy and skin-friendly material that will keep your skin soft and healthy no matter what. The blanket has a nice folded hems, providing long life and a nice look. It is thick, ideal for layering with any bedding ensemble. This two side blanket is the perfect choice when it gets chilly, one side has a special knit texture and the other touches fluffy for your perfect human wrapping moment. 

The new blanket is inspired by jersey fabrics, which means that it is easy to match with your van, both inside and outside. Thinking about something to help with that bunch of yellow details that you just love but never find the perfect cover to help make the perfect mood inside You can choose between one the nine nice colors; the camel is my first choice for all situations. You will have that chic look even living outdoors. The special texture Provides comfort during all seasons and situations. When folded the blanket requires a little bit of space, but your imagination can just assemble it like a nice roll and you have back support in a matter of minutes. It also works great for the feet, especially after that long day driving. 

The material is easy to wash but you don’t have to worry about it. Since this rug is made of breathable material you don’t have to worry about a bad smell or frequent washing, just roll it out in the sun or outdoors often and you’ll be warm but feeling fresh for a long time. The good stitching at seams assures that threads will not fall apart. 

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11 – Vellux Heavy Weight 

If you are looking for warmth but also that comfortable feeling of being embraced by your blanket this is the ideal choice.

Made with a cover by 100% polyester, insert with 65% polyester and 35% cotton and filled with 100% polystyrene pellets, this weighted blanket delivers softness that’s as comforting as it is warm. The blanket has style hems, providing long life and nice look. It is heavy and comfortable, perfect for the cold winter nights when everything that you want is just to grab a book, a cup of tea and enjoy your cozy van.  

The blanket is available in two sizes and four weights for the comfort of all sizes and needs. Its removable cover makes it easy to wash by machine or hand. With nine color options you will find the one that matches your style and soul. An important detail is that the company has committed a minimum donation of $100,000 from the proceeds of this blanket sales to Autism Speaks, in support of its mission to promote solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of people with autism and their family. By buying this blanket you will be also helping to improve other lives. 

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12 – Pavilia Deluxe Fleece with Sleeves 

Our last option is unusual but at the same time, it is perfect for an outdoor lifestyle. If you like to wrap up in blankets and have extra satisfaction in wrapping them up like ponchos this piece will take you to the next level, providing warmth the way you always wanted. Made with super soft fabric, the blanket is specially designed faux-fur cuffed sleeves. It is made with 260 GSM of 100% premium microfiber polyester and the cuffed sleeves with rabbit fur like provides a touch of elegance. It is 70”x50” and available in nine colors, giving you no excuses to not find the perfect match. 

 Great for all sizes it is long enough to wrap around your feet for maximum comfort. Its functional and practical sleeves allow full arm mobility and the front pouch can store your mobile devices, van key, and even some snacks. The hem is reinforced for safety and long life. This wearable blanket is a great acquisition for your days and nights, protecting you from wind and weather while offering comfort, keeping you warm and cozy. 

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One of the most expendable things for those who enjoy camping is being cold!

Living the Van Lifestyle, you manage your route, so you can choose your calendar and travel normally without experiencing extreme cold situations, using only a light Jersey blanket and perhaps a woolen blanket. However, one of the wonders of joining the lifestyle on the road is exactly experiencing different places, landscapes and if you are not prepared you can be cold, very cold! 

The situation becomes more critical during the night, at bedtime when temperatures drop and our body cools when it enters a state of rest. If the cold is too intense, you run the risk of not being able to sleep and spending the night shivering. In a more extreme situation, you may even experience hypothermia.

The most important advice of all is: never underestimate the cold, ever! It is better to carry extra weight and volume than not to sleep at night due to the cold. Perhaps in the warmth and comfort of your van’s preparations, you will decide to dispense with some items, thinking that they will not be necessary, but you will change your mind when you are parked in the cold and away from the comfort of a heated room. It’s simple: if the forecast is cold, get ready for it!

Time to sleep


When we are dehydrated, the body feels colder, so don’t sleep with thirst; it is important to sleep with your body properly hydrated. Some people avoid drinking water before bed so as not to risk having to go out to urinate in the middle of the night. We are not telling you to drink a liter of water before bed. But, especially if you spent the day doing physical activities or are in high altitude regions it is good to be well hydrated before bed. Have at least a glass of water. Obviously it is also important to be well fed!

Warm-up with a hot drink

If you can, before going to sleep, instead of having a glass of water, have a hot tea. It will do both functions: moisturize and heat. Or, if you prefer to drink milk, coffee or another hot liquid, preferably just before bedtime. The warmer you lie, the better your night’s sleep.

Warm-up at night

If you have a thermos (you should), a great idea is to leave a hot tea in it and within reach. In the middle of the night, if it starts to get too cold, run your hand over the bottle and drink a little. This will warm up your body and feel great!

Extra tips for extremely cold regions

These tips should be considered for travel to Alaska, Canada & Europe during the bitter winters!

Dress in layers

This is a technique widely used by those who practice outdoor sports. There are basically three layers. The first is that which is in direct contact with the body and has the function of keeping your skin dry. It should be in a synthetic fabric, facilitating the transfer of sweat to the outside. The second layer has the function of keeping your body warm. Usually, a very suitable material for this is a fleece jacket. The third layer is the one that keeps the body safe, blocking the cold. They are usually waterproof coats and jackets.


Fleece or wool hats help to protect the head and keep it warm, especially at night. It may seem awkward to sleep in a hat, but be aware that it can be a key accessory to keep you warm. To spend the night, prefer plain and fleece caps, which are extremely comfortable for sleeping. If you have one that also covers your ears, perfect!

Dry socks

Practically they cannot even be considered an accessory since they are an indispensable item in any camping or adventure, but it is important to emphasize your need especially with low temperatures! Always have at least one pair of dry socks for bedtime. If you feel very cold on your feet, invest in more technological socks that keep your foot warm. If your feet are too cold, invest in one, two, three, as many as necessary.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on the best blankets available on the market, often under-rated item blankets are some of the most key pieces of gear for making sure you get a great sleep. As always if you liked the piece feel free to share it and if you felt something was missing drop it into the comment section and we’ll take a look and even update our list if we agree!


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