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The best part of life is having a new backyard every day. Camping or van living allows you to surf, explore, and take pictures of picturesque locations in the beautiful cities of the world. Likewise, the lifestyle helps you refocus on what matters in your life, learn about yourself, see the world, and cut your expenses. 

However, one of the most popular myths about van life is that the campers find it tricky to prepare meals on the road. Unfortunately, this notion isn’t right! Nothing is better than cooking over a campfire in a vintage van. Likewise, no food tastes better than the one made outdoors. Thus, you can’t always be convenient while preparing food in the backyard of your door. So, you need a stove to prepare your meal at any time of the day and anywhere you want. 

On the market today, portable propane stoves are ideal for camping and other recreational activities. Apart from the fact that these models don’t take up too much space in your RV, they are also versatile and mobile. You can choose to cook outside on sunny days with the propane stove or take the kitchen in when it’s raining. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of propane stoves on the market today, so van life travelers might encounter some difficulties picking the perfect unit for their trip. 

This post is designed as a jumping-off point for your van life journey. It contains everything you need to know about a propane stove, why it is the right model for outdoor cooking, how to choose the right propane stove for your van. At the center of the article, lies the best 10 propane stove on the shelves for you. We finish up the amazing review with a unique wrap-up to kick-start your journey to getting the best propane stove on the market. 

What is a Propane Stove?

Propane stoves are one of the best units for cooking on the shelves today. Unlike other models, propane stoves are designed to work efficiently outdoors. Apart from the fact that these products can be used as portable cookstoves, they can also be used as grills. Even though propane stoves have similar functions with natural gas, the latter is distributed via a centralized pipeline. Propane stoves are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. 

Unlike natural gas stoves, propane stoves can be set up indoors as well as outdoors. To install, you don’t have to run a costly pipe into your van or RV. You only need to purchase a bulky tank and store a large quantity of propane in it. So, you can always access the stove at any point of time you want. Propane stoves are also one of the safest devices on the shelves. The unit is not as flammable as other gases. It is also energy-efficient as well as eco-friendly. With propane stoves, you don’t have to pollute Mother Nature while preparing breakfast. It is not only safe for soul and water but also made with no toxic materials. 

Why I Choose a Portable Propane Stove for my Van Life Trip?

For van life travelers who don’t want to spend extra expenses while living on the road, cooking in the van is very advisable. Van lifers who eat in restaurants and bars in their hosting cities spend on average about $1000 monthly. Since you have chosen to make your meals in the backyard of your van, why do you need to opt-in for a propane stove? There are a plethora of reasons propane stoves are the ideal devices for your van. 

Propane stoves are space-saving devices. They don’t require a lot of space for installation. So, you can easily set it up in your RV’s kitchen with no challenges. These models are also easy to move from the van to any area of the campsite. Propane stoves are also easy to operate and maintain. Aside from the fact that fuel is cheap, it is not scarce to find. You can easily purchase fuel for the stove at any gas station around your camp. 

No matter the weather or time of the day, these devices allow you to smoke your beef outdoors. They are designed to endure the hot scorches of the sun as well as prevent water from getting into the stove. Since there are several portable propane stoves available in sizes, types, designs as well as features, van life travelers would find it difficult to choose the model that is best for their life on the road. Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you decide on what your needs are and how to pick the stove perfect for you. 

How to Choose the Best Propane Stove?

For every type of outdoor explorer, either backpackers, van lifers, or campers, there are different stoves for each lifestyle. So, you have to be sure of the model ideal for your adventure. However, there are some specific features to look for as well as factors to consider you may want to think about. 


One of the major factors to consider when choosing a propane stove is the size of the device. Van lifers need to buy a lightweight as well as a compact model. The space-saving device enables you to install other kitchen utensils even after setting up the stove. Likewise, a lightweight propane stove is easy to carry from your van to the backyard for your picnic party. 

Fuel Type

Like other devices for cooking outdoors, propane stoves use three different liquid fuels. These fuels are Isobutane, Butane, and Jetpower. Of these three liquid fuels, Jetpower is the most effective and energy-efficient. It is a blending of isobutene and propane. No matter the season, Jetpower delivers high vapor pressure. On the other hand, butane is the most affordable of the liquid fuels while isobutane is costly and easy to move around. 


Another essential factor to consider when searching for the right propane stove is the price of the device. Propane stoves are available in different price ranges. While there are hundreds of thousands of affordable models on the shelves, there are also a slew of luxury units on the market. However, it’s worth noting that sometimes paying more upfront can save money in the long run. 

Best Propane Stoves for Van Life Trip

  1. Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove

Our top choice for the best propane stove for life on the road is this unique model from Coleman. With over 3000 positive reviews on Amazon all for this device, adventure is just around the corner. This model has also won the heart of hundreds of thousands of campers as well as van life travelers. It features pressure control technology that evenly spread the heat of the stove for consistent performance. Whether in high altitudes, cold weather, or when the fuel is low, this device keeps the heat steady. 

With the rotating dial, you can effortlessly control the burners for precise temperature control. Coleman Gas Camping Stove comes with 2 adjustable burners. So, you can smoke in one burner while you bake in the other. It has a cooking power of about 20,000 BTUs to get your mouthwatering meal ready for dinner. While you grill outdoors, this unit has wind-blocking panels that protect the burners from the wind. With Coleman Classic Propane Gas Camping Stove, you can easily prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a dependable stove. 

By providing a propane stove integral to your outdoor experiences, Coleman makes your van life trip a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty so be rest assured that the model you are buying will last you for long. 

  1. Flame King YSNHT600 2 Burner Built-In RV Cooktop Stove Propane

With over 20 years of experience, Flame King is one of the leading providers of propane storage solutions on the market today. Over the years, this company has been producing the highest quality products, service, and value for millions of users around the world. Flame King YSNHT600 2 Burner Built-In RV Cooktop Stove Propane is one of the amazing items from Flame King. Unlike other models, this unit comes with a cover. The cover protects it from the hot scorching of the sun as well as rain from getting into the device. It has a space-saving design that makes it ideal for all campervans, vans, motorhomes, RVs, and other recreational vehicles. Likewise, it is compact and easy to carry around. 

This product comes with a drop-in-2-burner cooktop with a stylish and sturdy design. While one of the burners has a large oval great with about 7200 BTU, the other burner has a standard circular great with 5200 BTU. Wherever the road takes you, this model offers you enough space to get your meal done. These burners are easy to operate. Each one of them has an adjustable knob to easily control flame height to prevent the flame from blowing out. Since the propane stove has drop-in design, van life travelers will have no difficulties putting it in place. 

Meanwhile, Flame King YSNHT600 2 Burner Built-In RV Cooktop Stove Propane is built with the budget of users in mind. Even with all its stylish and sturdy design, you won’t have to break up your bank to purchase it. It is also easy to pop out the burner grates while cleaning the cooking device. The propane stove doesn’t rattle while driving. 

  1. Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove 

When it comes to the production of energy-efficient and durable camping stoves as well as accessories, Camp Chef is one of the best brands on the market today. Camp Chef offers you a better way to cook outdoors, whether you’re on the road or at the campsite. This model from Camp Chef is one of the best propane stoves on the shelves. It comes at an affordable rate so you would have no challenge purchasing it. More so, it comes with a stainless steel drip tray for easy cleanup. Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove comes with a convenient carry handle so you can easily move it from your RV to any part of the campsite. 

Even though it has a space-saving design, Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove has a lot of power under the hood. It has two high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners to cook any varieties of food of your choice. Unlike other models on the market today, this unit is easy to set up and start. With a push of the button on the Piezo igniter system, you can have your roasted pork any time of the day. With this model, you don’t have to start searching for lighter or matches to start a fire. Also, Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove features a new dual latch system to prepare two different meals at a time.

  1. Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case

Founded over 120 years ago, Coleman is one of the oldest brands and at the same time one of the most popular on the market today. It has manufactured hundreds of thousands of equipment primarily aimed at the camping and recreational markets. Coleman Portable Butane Stove is one of the most efficient stoves from the company. What makes this product unique is its fascinating and sleek design. This product is perfect for van life travelers who are in search of a propane stove to complete the look of their kitchen. 

Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case comes with a rotating dial that enables you to control the burners for precise temperature control. So, you can easily adjust the heat to the accurate temperature required to prepare the meal. Another unique feature of this product is that it is easy to clean. To facilitate thorough cleaning, the durable steel grates can be removed from the stove. Also, the propane stove is easy to carry with an ultra-portable design as well as a carry case. The model has a large base that offers stability for easy stirring. On one 8.8 ounces butane gas cylinder, this stove can last up to one and a half-hour. The only downside is that you have to purchase the gas cylinder separately. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. 

  1. Texsport Compact Dual 2 Burner Propane Stove

For van lifers who are in search of a budget-friendly product to take on their camping, backpacking, or hiking experience, look no further than this unit from Texsport. It is designed to meet up with the various outdoor needs. The unit is portable as well as lightweight and easy to carry around. It has an attractive design with everything you would love to enjoy in a propane stove. The product comes with two burners at which each heats up to 500 BTU. Likewise, these burners are large enough to hold two 10” skillets. 

The BTUs can cook for up to 2.5 hours on the highest setting. Texsport Compact Dual 2 Burner Propane Stove features wind baffles that offer support for your cookware as well as shielding the burners from the scorching sun. The propane stove is one of the most durable units on the market today. It is designed with heavy-gauge steel material alongside a baker enamel finish. Texsport Compact Dual 2 Burner Propane Stove comes with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty. 

  1. Char Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

This unit is one of the best propane stoves from Char Chef. Like other models on the market today, Char Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove comes with ease and adjustable legs. Since the legs are removable, you can easily set up this propane stove in the backyard of your van. You would also have no difficulties breaking it down when you are done cooking. Also, the four removable legs can be adjusted for uneven ground. 

Char Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove comes with 2 cast aluminum burners that are not only durable but also resistant to fading and discovering. Each of the burners has about 30,000 BTUs each to get a total of 60,000 BTU. This unit has a large cooking space area. Aside from the 448 square inches cooking area, it has a cooking dimension of 14 x 32 x 29 in stove height. Char Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove features adjustable heat-control dials for precise temperature control. The unit is ideal for outdoor events such as camping, hunting, scouting, van living, and many more. It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

  1. Iwatani Cassette Feu VA-30 Portable Butane Stove 

Even though Iwatani is not as popular as Coleman, Char Chef or Texsport, it is one of the best manufacturers on the market today. This portable butane stove is one of the fascinating products from this brand. However, it only has a single burner of about 12,000 BTUs. With the high-efficient burner, you can make your dinner within a short time. The stove features a heat panel system which helps to maintain constant power when the fuel is being used. The advanced technology also offers consistent output for the entire fuel canister. 

Unlike other units on the market today, Iwatani Cassette Feu VA-30 Portable Butane Stove is easy to use. With Piezo electric push button, you can effortlessly start a fire without the need for searching for a lighter or matches. Apart from the Piezo electric button, the propane stove also comes with a quick fuel locking as well as a magnetic locking system to make sure there is no leak. This model is one of the safest units on the market today. It has been tested, trusted, and certified by CSA for safety. It does not only meet up with the standards of the camp stove but also the gas equipment. It comes with a built-in windbreaker that safeguards the burner flame from wind and air conditioning. 

  1. Outland Living Portable Camping Stove

Outland Portable Camping Stove is designed with the comfort and convenience of outdoor lovers in mind. It is ideal for recreational events such as hunting, RVing, Van living, camping, picnicking, backpacking, and many more. Unlike other camping stoves on the market today, this unit features auto-ignition. So, you don’t need to spend all day searching for matches or lighter. The auto-ignition ensures a quick start to the perfect meal. Asides from this, the propane stove comes with a flame adjuster that gives you precise control over the flame. 

For van life travelers who are in search or a compact cooking device to install in their vans, look no further than Outland Living Portable Camping Stove. With sturdy pull handles alongside convenient wheels, you would have no challenge transporting the stove anywhere outdoors. This portable stove can be set up in either standing or tabletop operation with no difficulties. What makes this unit amazing is the triple burner system. Each burner has about 30,000 BTU to make 90,000 BTU of 3 cooking zones. It also comes with 4 hook utensil holders. 

  1. Stansport Single Burner 10,000 BTU Propane Stove

For van lifers who are in search of a single propane stove for a lake-picnic party, this model from Stansport is a great choice for you. The burner has about 10,000 BTU to make your outdoor meal a success. The chrome-plated burner is large enough to hold single-serving pans or pots. It is also sturdy and resistant to fading, discoloring, or water. With the on/off control knob, you would have no difficulty operating the propane stove.

The model featured “Dura Base” with tip-resistant feet to firmly hold the stove to ground. With a fully-adjustable flame, you can boil your coffee water in a flash and get your dinner done in a jiffy. It comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. 

  1. Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove

Like the previous unit, Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove is a single burner product. Our list for the best propane stove for van life trip is incomplete without this incredible product. It is a propane stove built with the budget of campers in mind. With this cooking device, you don’t have to break up your bank. Since the burner is easy to adjust, you will certainly experience no difficulty giving price temperature control to any kind of meal you are preparing. This adjustable burner heats evenly across your pot. Likewise, there will be no challenges while cleaning the burner as it is constructed with a durable and chrome-plated grate. 

Apart from the fact that the large stable base enables you to cook with large pots, it also makes stirring easy. It can prepare different varieties of foods for up to 3 hours on high with a 16.5 oz propane cylinder. It is a great choice for outdoor events such as backpacking, camping, van living, hunting, hiking, and many more. 


Unless you are going on a short-term van life adventure, having a durable and energy-efficient propane stove is as important as the gasoline for your van. Here is the list of the best propane stoves on the market today. Each product in the post was chosen not just based on the popularity of the brands but also on the efficiency, durability, and affordability of the products. 

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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