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With so much happening in the world today, you just need to start your adventure with van life. Adventure is where you find it! Van life trip allows you to see beyond the world around you. The adventures enable you to enjoy a slew of fascinating outdoor events such as hunting, hiking, biking, snowboarding, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, backpacking, and lots more. One of the most essential gears you need is an awning. Awning, also known as covering, is a great addition to your van life adventure. This unit enhances the look of your RV or campervan. 

Also, it safeguards the finish or design of the motorhome from heavy rainfall or hot scorching of the sun. The device boosts the appearances of the RV and makes it stand out in the vampire. Asides from the elegance addition that awning gives the van, the unit also improves you an exceptional comfort while exploring through your dream cities. During hotter months, awnings help to cut energy costs as well as offer you maximum convenience while you stay outdoors for fresh air. With a covering, you don’t have to spend extra bucks purchasing the air conditioner or fixing it. When you get an awning installed, you can take up to 25 percent off your air conditioning bill. 

However, there are a plethora of awnings on the market today. This product is not only available in different types but also varieties of shapes, colors, features as well as design. So, van life travelers especially those going on the trip for the very first time might find it difficult picking the model that best suits their taste. Fortunately, we have to bring up this post to help you out on the search for the right awnings for your adventure. This page contains a review of the best awnings on the shelves. It also entails the different varieties of awnings or coverings, how to pick the right awnings, and an exceptional wrap-up. 

Types of Awnings 

Like the vans, awnings are available in different kinds. Whether you just want a simple sunshade to wild camp a lot or a covering that can be easily detached while you ride around the cities of Norway, the good news is that it is never late to install an awning with your campervan. 

Though there are so many types of awnings, there is little or no time to address all the awnings on the market today. So, we only review the major and top types of awnings available in the world today. Let’s consider the following kinds of coverings. 

Sun Shade Camper Awnings 

Also known as sun sail camper van awning, sunshade camper awnings are one of the most popular coverings on the market today. Unlike other awnings, this unit is a gigantic piece of processed rip-stop polyester. Meanwhile, there are some other sunshade camper awnings made from other materials that are not rip-stop polyester. To mount this device, the rip-stop polyester is slid into the right profile rail attached to the roof edge of the camper van. 

It is one of the most affordable types of awnings for camper vans on the market today. So, purchasing a sunshade camper awnings will not make your van life an expensive one. To stand firmly on the ground, this covering requires more pegs, few strings as well as a couple of poles. The awnings are designed to work perfectly with any type of recreational vehicle. So, you don’t need to ask your lover who is on an adventure for a couple of pictures of his van. The coverings are heavily built to resist morning dew, light rain, and sun.

Drive away awnings 

Unlike the sunshade camper awnings, drive away awnings are designed like a tent. For van lifers who are in search of a covering to add some precious floor space to their vans, look no further than this model. Apart from the fact that these units can be used as ordinary awnings, they can also be used as an additional sleeping room or storage space. You can get drive away awnings in different sizes as well as shapes. To erect this model, you need to purchase inflatable poles or fiberglass poles with steel. 

Drive away awnings are temporarily attached to the motorhome to provide an enclosed place not only perfect for rainy days but also for hotter months. The covering is also easy to dismantle when you are about to ride around the regions in your hosting country. You tend to purchase most drive away awnings attached to the camper van with vacuum cups or room railing. Unlike the large drive away awnings, the small awnings can be installed by the rear door of the RV or the side door. Since drive away awnings are available in different types on the market, you need to be extra careful when choosing the right one for your van. 

Canopy Awnings

Unlike other awnings on the market today, canopy coverings are permanently attached to the camper van. Likewise, these units have space-design and portable design. While some canopy awnings can be deployed electronically, others are installed as manual roll-out awnings for camper vans. These models are easy to set up as well as simple to detach. Like other awnings for RVs and camper vans, canopy coverings provide maximum protection for the van furniture or design against heavy rainfall or scorching sun that can cause fading or rusting. 

Asides from protecting the design of your van, this awning can also be used as an extra space where you can relax your body while listening to your favorite music during sunny days. Likewise, the awnings offer you cooking outdoor spaces where you can grill, smoke, bake, fry, or roast any varieties of food you want. Canopy awnings are available in two different types which are wall-mounted canopy awnings and roof-mounted awnings. Roof-mounted awnings are ideal for camper vans with bars or roof racks. So, if your recreational vehicle isn’t designed with any of the two, opt-in for wall-mounted canopy awnings. 

Best Awnings for Vans and RVs

  1. VEVOR RV Awning 20’ Camper Awning Fabric

Our top choice for the best awning for camper vans and motorhome is this awning fabric from VEVOR. Unlike other models on the market today, this model can be used as trailer awning, canopy patio camping-car awning, vinyl roller tube for RV, van as well as SUV. The unit is large size van awnings that cover every nook and cranes of your camper van from scorching suns and heavy rain. VEVOR RV Awning 20’ Camper Awning Fabric is constructed from premium 150Z vinyl which resists about 86% of sunlight. 

Apart from the fact that it resists sunlight, the model is also highly waterproof. The heavy-duty materials do not only make the covering sturdy but also lightweight. VEVOR RV Awning 20’ Camper Awning Fabric is easy to put in place. This unit comes with everything you need to attach it to the van. Whenever the covering gets torn, peeled, or worn-out, you would have no challenge installing another one. The awning can be effortlessly used with awning wand since it includes a pull strap’s rubber loop. It has an attractive blue fade color to complete the outdoor décor of your camper van. 

  1. Carefree 701507 Black 15’ x 7’ Drop RV Awning


For van life travelers who are in search of a sleek design awning to add more elegance to the look of their van, this model is a great choice for you. This model is one of the largest coverings on the market today. It has a size of about 15’ x 7’ enough to cover every part of a Skoolie. One unique feature of this model is that it is easy to install. Carefree 701507 Black 15’ x 7’ Drop RV Awning comes with step-by-step instructions on how to put an awning in place. The guide also contains the best ways to keep the fabric looking good and durable. 

To keep you cool and comfortable, this model from Carefree has an open weave fabric that cuts about 85% of the sun’s light. The covering is designed from a unique vinyl coated polyester fabric that makes it sturdy and durable. It is ideal for van life travelers who are in search of awnings to cover their vans for a long-term adventure. This unit is backed up with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

  1. ARB 4×4 Accessories 814404 Retractable Awning with Led Light Strip

When it comes to the production of high-quality recreational accessories for life on the road adventure, ARB is one of the most reliable products on the market today. What makes this product one of its kinds is that it includes Led light strip to power the awning at night. So, you can enjoy studying your favorite outdoors while relaxing under the covering. This product is built to perfectly fit the roof racks as well as bars of many recreational vehicles. Don’t buy this unit if your camper van doesn’t have a roof rack or bar! 

Unlike other coverings on the market today, this unit is easy to assemble as well as dismantle. According to users, it takes less than 30 seconds to put this unit in place. You will find all the essential tools such as a spanner, nuts, and bolts, securing legs, and many more included with the product. This self-standing awning can be easily adjusted to any height with telescopic legs. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, backpacking, camping, hiking, biking, and many more trips. Meanwhile, you would have to purchase awning rooms and other compatible accessories separately as they are not sold alongside the covering. 

  1. Domestic 915NS21.000B 9100 Power Patio Awning

Domestic 915NS21.000B 9100 Power Patio Awning is one of the best high-tech awnings on the market today. Situated in Sweden, Domestic is one of the most reliable brands that produce coverings which are not only highly efficient but also sturdy and durable. This model is one of the most amazing awnings for van life road adventure. For campers who are in search of a sturdy covering which will protect the RV and camper van from sunlight or rainfall, look no further than this unit. With a weight of about 68.5 pounds, this product is ideal for larger sprinter vans with an incredible projection of between 10ft and 21ft. 

One of the unique designs of Domestic 915NS21.000B 9100 Power Patio Awning is that it features the fully 12V electric motor which can be used to set up the awning rapidly. With just a touch of a button, this model will successfully build an awning even without going near. Unlike other awnings on the market today, this product can be installed in any of the two installation methods. You can then choose to pick the wall-mounted canopy that comes with a vinyl or metal weather. 

  1. Tuff Stuff Overland 4.5 X 6’ Rooftop Awning

While some see tailgate awnings as technically not any kind of coverings rather as an accessory, others believe it a small size awning that serves the same purpose as the canopy awning or drives away ones. Unlike other awnings, tailgate coverings are erected at the back of a campervan or motorhome. Since they are small, these units don’t often fit all vans or RVs. Tuff Stuff Overland 4.5 X 6’ Rooftop Awning is one of the best tailgate awnings on the market today. 

This unit is designed from high quality waterproof 280G polyester material alongside a heavy-duty YKK zipper. It also comes with a black 1000D PVC waterproof heavy-duty driving cover. This covering has one of the best water shedding abilities on the market today. It is perfect for van life travelers who are in search of a tailgate awning that will last them for thousands of years. While using guide ropes, Tuff Stuff Overland 4.5 X 6’ Rooftop Awning can withstand severe winds or weather. It is built with 4 Velcro support loops per pole as well as 4 total support arms. With these adjustable telescoping poles, you would have no difficulty setting up or breaking down the awning. 

  1. CAMWINGS RV Awning Privacy Screen Shade Panel Kit Sunblock Shade

Unlike other awnings on the market today, this model from CAMWINGS is available in black as well as blue color. So, campers can effortlessly pick the model that best completes the look of their vans. Aside from this elegant design, CAMWINGS RV Awning Privacy Screen Shade Panel Kit Sunblock Shade is made of high-density polyethylene with UV protection. This model is built to last for a lifetime. It is an ideal unit for your outdoor events. While camping or van living, this covering can be erected outside to resist the sun’s harmful rays away from the van. 

According to users, this product can shade 90% of sunlight and rainfall with edge grommets. Asides from that, it also helps to reduce the level of temperature around the van, thereby, creating a co-op and comfortable atmosphere to listen to your audiobook. Not only is CAMWINGS RV Awning Privacy Screen Shade Panel Kit Sunblock Shade easy to set up but also simple to break down when you are ready to ride to the Rocky Mountains. Also, this awning is lightweight and easy to carry from your campervan to the side door for installation. It comes with a carry bag to make storing the covering easy. 

  1. ALEKO AW10X8BLUE30 Retractable Patio Awning

ALEKO AW10X8BLUE30 Retractable Patio Awning is available in 15 different colors. So, you can easily pick the model that best suits your taste and lifestyle. It is a large size awning that can completely cover every part of a school bus. Another amazing feature of this product is its simplicity. Even van campers who are traveling for the very first time would have no issue using this electricity-free retractable awning. With the hand crank, you can easily open and close the awning in less than a minute. 

This awning is ideal for entertainment as well as the patio. ALEKO AW10X8BLUE30 Retractable Patio Awning is easy to install and dismantle. It comes with wall mounting brackets for easy installation. Even though you also require an additional ceiling bracket, you don’t get that free from the manufacturer. It is built to resist scorching of the sunlight, heavy rainfall, and morning dew. No matter how heavy the rain is, this coverage protects the design of the campervan from rusting or fading. It is a great addition to your van life gear

  1. Tentproinc RV Awning Shade 

This unit from Tentproinc is another wonderful awning for vans and RVs available on the market today. It is one of the largest awnings on the shelves. While it serves the purpose of an awning, this product also comes with shade to protect your RV from the sunlight rays. It is available in 5 different colors that include the beige, navy blue, gift blue, brown, as well as black color. Therefore, you can easily pick the color that best completes the look of your campervan. This model comes with a breathable mesh screen that resists about 86% of the sun’s rays. 

Aside from the fact that this offers you the extra room where you can have your lunch, it also creates a cool and comfortable temperature while you relax under the covering. The awning is designed with superior-quality materials which makes it durable as well as sturdy. It is also lightweight so there is no issue moving it from one area of the campsite to another. Having erected the awning, you will find no challenge fixing the side into the RV awning rail. It is backed up with 3 years limited warranty from the manufacturer. 

  1. Thule HideAway Awning

 For van life travelers who are in search of a luxury awning to take on their next adventure to the Maldives, search no more. Even though this unit is quite pricey, it’s worth noting that sometimes paying more upfront can save money in the long run. Thule HideAway Awning is designed not only with an attractive finish but also with amazing features. It is easy to use and maintain. The product is designed as a one-person operation with hand crank and awning supporting tension arms. 

It is built with a high-quality aluminum construction which makes the covering light in weight and at the same time corrosion resistant. So, you can be sure that the model you are purchasing will last you for a lifetime. You can easily mount this awning directly to flat vertical surfaces with the hardware and mounting brackets that come with the product. Since the awning has been perfectly tensioned with the spring-loaded tension arms, the covering will never break down no matter how heavy the wind is. While in use, the awning remains stable and firm with the roller tube that optimizes fabric tension. 

  1. Vango Galli RSV Screen House

Vango Galli RSV Screen House is one of the most fascinating awnings on the market today. However, one major downside of this unit is the size. The unit has a small size, so you might find it challenging standing while you are relaxing in it. Other than that, the Vango Galli RSV Screen House is a great unit to add to your van life gear. Unlike other awnings on the market today, this model does not require the side doors or rear doors for installation. It can be erected without attaching to the camper van. 

This product is perfect for users who are in search of a larger and more usable space for screen-house or awning. So you can easily switch from your van to this large space covering when the temperature in the camper van is unbearable. It is built from 420-denier double ripstop sentinel pro fabric as well as 6009mm hydrostatic head. Vango Galli RSV Screen House is ideal for recreational vehicles with a connection height between 70.87-82.68 inches. It comes with webbing storm straps and also has fully zipped mesh doors to keep you warm when the weather is extremely chilly. 


Not only are awnings a great way to create extra space on the road but also to protect the finish and design of your campervan from rays of sunlight and heavy rainfall. These products are among the essential van life gear to improve your convenience and comfort while leaving on your wheels. The page has reviewed the best awnings available on the market today with the advantages, disadvantages, design, features, and colors of each product. To purchase the right model, always be sure that you have the features you are looking for in an awning in your head. 


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